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Leadership Education for Public Safety: Building Capacity, Promoting Performance

The Executive Leadership Institute of the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government helps public safety professionals acquire and hone the skills required to meet the challenges of contemporary leadership in public organizations. We prepare leaders who can address changing public expectations, overcome constrained resources, and withstand increased scrutiny of their decisions and actions.

Our approach employs reflective practice to help individuals and their organizations build more capable, flexible, and accountable institutions that meet the needs of 21st Century agencies and the communities they serve. We aim to help public safety professionals build their personal, professional, and organizational leadership capabilities by encouraging engagement, sustainability, diversity, and international best-practice.


Hallmarks of public safety leadership education at the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government:

LEPS 2008 Graduation
  • Cohort-based learning environment focused on the needs and experiences of practicing public safety professionals;
  • Competent and committed faculty with a strong background of putting theory into practice in public and non-profit agencies;
  • Collaborative approach to problem solving that promotes exploration and innovation;
  • Positive approach to participation and assessment that encourages learning from experience and putting theory into practice;
  • Curriculum tailored both to individual career progression and organizational development needs; and
  • Transcripted courses that award credit transferable toward degree completion at the undergraduate or graduate level.