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International Programs

The Executive Leadership Institute is engaged in numerous international activities and partnerships. These activities and partnerships have lead to a number of programs for government agencies, policy makers, researchers and advocates to increase capacity in managing global issues of leadership and governance.

Japanese Municipal Government Officer's Mid-Career Training Program

The Tokyo Foundation, Japan (TKFD) and Executive Leadership Institute at Hatfield School of Government, Portland State University has jointly developed and been offering a specialized professional development training program for Japanese municipal government officers. This program is designed to prepare local government officials in Japan for the increased responsibility placed upon them as a result of a major initiative to decentralize governing responsibility in Japan. Since 2004, a brilliant group of municipal officers from around Japan are appointed by their mayor to partake in this educational experience.

The goal of this program is to provide Japanese mid-career local government officials with an opportunity to explore innovative approaches in municipal administration and develop skills for problem solving. ELI takes primary responsibility in the guest speaker presentations with on-site visits showcasing innovative approaches by local government agencies and non-profit organizations in Oregon.

Collabortion with Waseda University, Japan

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Collaboration with Takashima City, Japan

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Online Skill-Building for Interpretation and Translation Project

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Japanese Interpretation Workshop

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Taiwan NGO Training Program in 2005 and 2009

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Collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The University of Natural Sciences (UNS) in Ho Chi Minh City is the host institution for the Community-University Engagement Project. The Community-University Project began in 2006 and is coordinated jointly between UNS and Portland State University (PSU) in the United States.

The ultimate goals of the Community-University Engagement Project are to increase educational excellence at the University of Natural Sciences while working to help mitigate environmental challenges in Ho Chi Minh City. This will be accomplished by building capacity in teachers, students, the administration and the community for the application of innovative teaching and learning methods that incorporate projects within the community.

Leadership for Sustainable Development, Ho Chi Minh National Academy

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PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization

Urbanization is proceeding at unprecedented rates around the world. The challenges of converting agricultural, forest, and grass land to urban uses are overwhelming in today's world of urgent concerns about air and water quality, global warming, and food and energy shortages, to name just a few. The PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization is designed to promote dialogue, exchange ideas, and build relationships among researchers and practitioners engaged in improving the livability of urban spaces and the building of tomorrow's cities while protecting our natural resources.

Public Leadership for Sustainable Development

The Hatfield School of Government’s Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) is pioneering the development and dissemination of a new public leadership model designed to promote sustainable development.  The model is responsive to the growing demand for public leaders – both locally and globally – to facilitate integrated and adaptive policy solutions that contribute to economic vitality, environmental health and community resilience while minimizing the impact of our ecological footprint. The model is being co-produced with experienced practitioners who will assist ELI in developing a new theory-based leadership curriculum.  This joint effort will provide the foundation for developing new educational and professional development training programs to prepare the next generation of public servants for responsible leadership in a globalized world.  This project is funded through a grant from the Miller Foundation.

Global Collaborative Network

The Global Collaborative Network (GCN) actively works to expand the availability of meaningful international public service engagements for Master of Public Administration (MPA) students, assists students in planning and executing an international public service project, and strengthens the international network of public, private, and nonprofit sector partnerships at the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government. 

The Global Collaborative Network:

  • Links students to international projects (both for their PA 509 Organizational Experience course and other short term projects) that are currently managed by the global leadership and management specialization faculty, organizes new projects, and assists students in planning and managing their own self-initiated international project based locally or abroad;
  • Supports students in their participation in international projects by communicating about upcoming projects, encouraging students to plan and integrate an overseas project into the beginning of their MPA studies, and assist with individual fundraising efforts to offset the expense of spending an academic quarter overseas;
  • Strengthens the wide-reaching international partnerships of the Hatfield School, its faculty, alumni, and students; and
  • Assists the Hatfield School in developing effective public service leaders with an international perspective.