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Capstone Projects

Toward the close of their program of study, students complete a capstone project that addresses a contemporary leadership, management, or policy challenge confronting a public or non-profit organization. All students are registered for six hours of course credit.  The project requirement provides participants with considerable latitude in the selection of topics. The program actively encourages participants to select problems of immediate relevance to their own professional practice or communities of interest.

Focusing on specific and personal leadership challenges affords participants the opportunity to hone their technical and analytical skills. The reflective practice component encourages participants to draw upon the experiences and information gained across the entire curriculum to craft novel yet practical solutions to these problems that add value to their organizations, communities, and the profession as a whole. Students will be required to present a case problem they developed as the basis of an exercise in administrative problem solving and coaching for their fellow students.



Past Capstone Projects

Author Capstone
Abstract PPT Presentation Title
Grisha Alpernas Increasing the Efficiency of Street Lighting in Sandy
Gus Burril City of Madras Transportation Funding Initiative
Laurel Butman
Community Needs for Hatfield School Executive Offerings
Frederic Charlton   Identifying Leadership Competencies for First-Level Supervisors
Jeannie Davis Oregon Law Library New Funding Model
Scott Fellman   Impact of Civilian Oversignt on Community Trustin the Eugene Police Department
Carolyn Heniges   Strategies to Influence Political Decision-Making: A Case Study at Clark County
Ken Horn
Org Safety Culture of CCFD1
Christine Larsen  
Facilitating the Conscience Emergence of Integral Leadership: Strategically Navigating Our Interconnected, Living World
Ann McLaughlin Oregon Univ System Public Corporation Model
Annie Neal Leadership Tools for Public Sector Professionals
Michael Turnbull Virtualworking Executives and Employees
Scott Weninger Open Burning Rule Making and Toolkit
Tyler Whitmire   City of Fairview: Website Upgrade
Joann Zimmer A New Approach to Homelessness