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ACE Facilitators

Co-Production Model

Over the past 20 years of doing leadership development in a variety of organizations and countries and through a process of trial and error we have developed an approach that addresses the leadership challenges outlined above: developing capabilities to deal with “wicked problems”, filling the leadership vacuum, increasing the public performance of leaders and organizations and motivating public servants with leadership potential to prepare themselves for leadership positions.  We call this process co-production.  At it simplest level the strategy means joint planning and joint delivery of leadership programs with our organizational partners and with the students we teach.  (More information about our co-production model)

USACE Co-Facilitators and Their Role

Each year the faculty work with two ACE facilitators to customize the curriculum for the current LDP class.

Past Facilitators


  • Kevin Brice, Assistant Chief, Planning, Programs, and Project Management Division
  • Don Chambers, Chief, Engineering and Construction


  • Mike Roll, Deputy Director, Hydroelectric Design Center
  • Dwane Watsek, Chief of Operations


  • Debbie Chenoweth, Chief of Operations
  • Reed McDowell, Resident Engineer, Cost Engineering and Construction Services Section, Engineering and Construction Division


  • Davis Moriuchi, Deputy District Commander
  • COL Thomas O'Donovan, District Engineer