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Why GSE?

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A smart investment in the future. Why is it important to have well-prepared educators and service professionals? Don't ask a teacher, ask a student.

Or better yet, think back on your own life to teachers, counselors and other mentors who really made a difference for you. Where might you be today if they hadn't been there?

The Portland State University Graduate School of Education is the largest and most comprehensive school of education in Oregon. We prepare more teachers, counselors and administrators for licensure than any other institution in the state. And each graduate of the GSE touches the lives of hundreds or thousands of students or clients during a career.

Students who head into the teaching and counseling professions do so for love, not money; many are single parents; some are making a career change. But the work they do enriches lives beyond theirs.

A gift to the Graduate School of Education is truly an investment in the future.

Dean's Fund for Excellence

Gifts of all sizes provide discretionary resources for the school in areas of highest needs.

Those who make gifts of $500 to any fund in the school become members of the Dean's Circle.

The need for support is more critical than ever before. Tuition increases force many students to assess whether they can enter or continue their programs. In one year, 175 students applied for scholarships; 60 students received one, but 115 students did not. You can help close this scholarship gap. Every gift counts!

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Director of Development
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