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All educators in Oregon must pass specific required tests to earn a license. There are three types of licensure tests required in Oregon:

1) Basic Skills 2) Content Knowledge and 3) Civil Rights Knowledge

To register for a test, please visit the appropriate website:

1) Basic skills tests (Reading, Writing, Math) may be satisfied by passing scores on one of the following: NES, PPST, CBEST, or WEST-B.

2) Content knowledge tests:
There is a list of subject/content areas offered for Oregon candidates on each website listed below. Please contact the program if you are uncertain about which test(s) you are required to take for the endorsement area you are seeking.

3) Civil rights knowledge test will be taken AFTER admission to the program, and prior to any fieldwork.

For additional information regarding approved licensure tests in Oregon, please contact the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) by phone 503-378-3586 or email Their website is: