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PSU Consortium for Professional Education

Preparing professionals to work effectively with all learners

The purpose of the GSE Consortium for Professional Education is to serve as an advisory body to Portland State University in review and evaluation of, and in making recommendation on the design, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of programs leading to licensure that are offered by the University.

The Consortium advises the unit on development, evaluation, and improvement of the program.

  1. The consortium consists of equal representation of teachers appointed by school district organizations that represent teachers in bargaining matters, public school administrators, students in the program and faculty from the institution. In addition, representatives from the community may be appointed with attention given to underrepresented groups.
  2. The consortium has bylaws that govern its operation.
  3. The consortium meets at least twice each year to review and evaluate the program, activities and annual reports and receives written response from the unit regarding recommendations.


The membership of the Consortium shall consist of equal representation of:

  1. Teachers appointed by school district organizations that represent teachers in bargaining matters
  2. Public school administrators, recommended by district administrators
  3. Students admitted to GSE professional education programs recommended by Graduate School of Education faculty or staff
  4. PSU faculty, selected by the dean of the Graduate School of Education

PSU Consortium for Professional Education 2014-15 Roster

Peyton Chapman, Principal, Portland Public Schools
Sabrina Flamoe, Assistant Principal, Laurelhurst Elementary School
Chris Griffith, Principal, View Ridge Middle School Ridefield, WA
Mark Moser, Executive Director of Human Resources, North Clackamas School District
Florence Richey, Principal, Stoller Middle School, Beaverton School District
Joyce Woods, Principal, Durham Elementary School, Tigard-Tualatin School District

Teachers/Personnel Specialists:
Susan Bartley, Franklin High School, Portland Public Schools
Brett Bigham, Teacher, Multnomah Education Service District
Lynne Blanchard, South Meadows Middle School - ESL, Hillsboro School District
KD Parman, Roosevelt High School, Portland Public Schools

PSU Faculty:
Julie Prindle, School of Social Work
Rob Roeser, CLAS, Psychology
Barb Ruben, GSE, Curriculum & Instruction/SDEP
Nicole Rigelman, GSE, Curriculum & Instruction/GTEP
Gwen Shusterman, CLAS, Chemistry 

Deb Allen, Doctoral, EdD
Kelly Cutler, Doctoral, EdD
Matthew Parker, Doctoral, EdD
Donna Webb, Doctoral, EdD

Randy Hitz, Dean of the Graduate School of Education
Micki Caskey, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Education

Full description of the Articles of Agreement for the Consortiumpdf icon