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Program Description
Added Elementary Authorization Designed for licensed specialty or secondary teachers (with a basic standard license) who want an elementary endorsement. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Addictions Counseling Graduate Certificate Provides a broad overview of addictions counseling, concepts of treatment, and clinical skills. Can also be taken as a noncredit certificate of completion. Courses qualify for CADC certification.
AddSped Endorsement in Special Education For licensed K-12 teachers who wish to add a special education endorsement. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Administrator License: Continuing (CAL) A post-master’s continuing license program for school administrators.
Administrator License: Initial (IAL) An innovative three-term program for prospective school administrators. This is the prerequisite for the Continuing Administrator License (CAL) program. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Asperger's Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Certificate of Completion Offers teachers, specialists, counselors, and professionals advanced curriculum and tools to help students with Asperger's and high functioning autism lead highly productive lives.
Autism Certificates of Completion Designed to teach teachers how to use a comprehensive set of evidence-based instructional strategies and a curriculum that improves the learning outcomes of children with disorders on the autism spectrum.
Behavioral Healthcare Series Expands expertise and training in delivering high-quality behavioral health care services in the fields of mental health and substance abuse.
Bilingual Teacher Pathway (BTP) Prepares bilingual/bicultural instructional assistants for initial teacher license along with an ESL/Bilingual Endorsement. Graduate and undergraduate options. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Children's and Young Adult Literature Graduate Certificate Provides comprehensive training for people who want to broaden their understanding of contemporary literature for children and young adults.
Clinical Supervision Series Prepares mental health and clinical social work professionals who will be supervising new therapists and social workers for the challenges and demands of the profession.
Coaching for Multi-Tier System of Supports Designed for coaches, administrators, or consultants who work with multiple schools to implement MTSS, SW-PBIS, and/or RTI in a way that integrates training, coaching, and evaluation for application at the district, regional or state level.
Continuing Administrator License (CAL) A post-master’s continuing license program for school administrators.
COSA Leadership Academy Provides university credits for Confederation of Oregon School Administrators (COSA) conferences.
Counselor Education Master's Degree
Includes specializations in clinical mental health counseling; school counseling; clinical rehabilitation counseling; and marital, couple and family counseling.
Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree A non-license master’s degree for current teachers or professionals in related fields who are interested in a master’s in education. Can specialize in early childhood education.
Deepening Mathematical Understanding Certificate of Completion Develop stronger mathematics knowledge and teaching skills so that you can create impactful, Common Core-aligned mathematics lessons for your elementary-level students.
eLearning Design & Development Certificate of Completion Designed for professionals in workplace learning and development or higher education who wish to expand their skills in elearning.
Early Childhood Education Certificate of Completion Offers in-depth research-based knowledge of important areas of preschool curriculum to early childhood professionals working with children 0-5 years of age in a variety of settings. Can be combined with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
Early Childhood Education Specialization in Master's Degree
Prepares leaders in early childhood education through a non-licensure master's program in curriculum and instruction focused on young children, birth through 8 years old.
Masters in Early Childhood: Inclusive Ed and Curriculum & Instruction This unique interdisciplinary and online master's in Early Childhood Education* combines the strength and expertise of two departments, and allows you to specialize in three crucial areas.
Early Intervention Special Education Prepares professionals to provide services to infants, toddlers, and young children with special needs, and their families. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Educational Leadership Doctorate Degree
Includes specializations in curriculum and instruction; educational administration; postsecondary education; and special education.
ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement Prepares licensed K-12 teachers to work more effectively with their linguistically and culturally diverse students. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP)
Prepares classroom teachers and specialists for initial license in early childhood, elementary, middle level, and high school in a four-quarter format. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Inclusive Elementary Educator License and Master's Degree Prepares classroom teachers for initial license and a master’s degree in early childhood and/or elementary and special education.
Infant/Toddler Mental Health Graduate Certificate Designed for professionals who are working with families who have children from the prenatal period to 36 months of age. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Instructional Technology Certificate of Completion Designed for teachers, school librarians, administrators, and other education professionals who want to explore the uses of new technologies in the classroom, to expand their knowledge of technology and to develop strategies for integrating them into successful teaching and learning activities.
International Teacher Education Program (ITEP) Provides a pathway toward Oregon initial teaching licensure for candidates who received their bachelor’s degree and teaching license from another country. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Interpersonal Neurobiology Certificate of Completion Prepares professionals to continuously critique, extend, and amplify the knowledge base of IPNB (an interdisciplinary perspective of neuroscience, psychology, complexity theory, and relationship studies).
Leadership in Sustainability Education (LSE) Specialization
Serves those who wish to teach, develop, or manage sustainability education programs in schools, nonprofit organizations, local governments, and businesses.
Library Media Endorsement Prepares licensed educators to become school-based educational media specialists. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Library Media Initial K-12 License This license enables a person to be a K-12 library media specialist but not a classroom teacher. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Library Media Master's Degree Provides advanced coursework to work in school and/or public libraries. Includes the 29-credit endorsement program with an additional 16 credits of advanced coursework.
Marital, Couple and Family Counseling Graduate Certificate Prepares mental health professionals to provide couple and family counseling. Courses can lead to state licensure.
Multicultural Special Education Certificate of Completion Prepares educators to address the instructional, language and literacy needs of the growing population of emergent bilingual students (formerly known as English Learners) with and without disabilities.
Oregon DATA Project Trainings Provides graduate credit toward the Continuing Administrator License (CAL).
Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Series Teaches techniques and strategies to build a positive climate for students and staff to reduce challenging behavior.
Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education (PACE) Specialization
Serves those who wish to teach, develop, or manage programs for adult learners in college or non-college settings, or those who already work in this field but want to improve their practice.
Reading Programs Face-to-face classes that prepare teachers to effectively teach reading and writing. Can combine with a master’s degree.
ReadOregon Online Reading Endorsement Fully online OUS program for reading endorsement. Mix and match classes from five Oregon University System institutions. Can combine with a master’s degree.
School Counseling Initial License and Master's Prepares teachers to serve as school counselors in private or public schools at levels K-12 by receiving their initial counseling license and a master’s degree. Two tracks: for teachers with or without two years of teaching experience.
School Counseling Series Provides training on issues inherent to social and emotional guidance for children, youth, and families in the school setting.
Secondary Dual Educator Program (SDEP) License, Endorsement, and Master's Prepares classroom teachers for license endorsements in special education and a content area (e.g., English, biology, business, social studies, math, art, music) at the middle/secondary grade level. Program includes a master's in education.
Service-Learning in Higher Education Graduate Certificate Provides sound philosophical, theoretical, and experiential preparation in service-learning and community engagement for those who teach, coordinate, and/or research learning through community involvement with college students.
Special Education Master's Degree Designed for those who have an interest in a master's degree but do not want to seek a special education license.
Special Educator License: Elementary or Secondary Coursework and school-based experiences prepare special educators to work with children with disabilities. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Special Educator Professional Development Opportunities Provides advanced coursework in special education for teachers seeking opportunities to continue their professional development.
Student Affairs in Higher Education Graduate Certificate Provides professional development for individuals in student affairs and student services positions in community colleges and four-year institutions.
Teacher Education K-12 Prepares classroom teachers and specialists for initial license in early childhood, elementary, middle level, and high school in a four-quarter format. Can combine with a master’s degree.
Teaching Adult Learners Graduate Certificate Focuses on the teaching and motivation of adult learners, adult development, how adults learn, and the most effective strategies to ensure learning.
Therapy with Adoptive and Foster Families Certificate of Completion Series of advanced courses for mental health professionals in the specialized theories and practices for treating adopted children and their families.
Training and Development Certificates of Completion For prospective and practicing instructors of adults who know their subject and want to teach more effectively. Specialize in training, training management or intercultural training.
Training and Development Graduate Certificate The Training and Development Graduate Certificate provides experiential preparation for professionals who develop, teach/train, manage, and/or consult in the areas of workforce (employee and volunteer) development. 
Trauma-Informed Services Certificate of Completion Teaches specialized skills for working with people and organizations affected by trauma.
Visually Impaired Learner Initial License This distance learning program is recommended for those who want to teach students from birth to age 21 who are blind or visually impaired. Students earn an initial license or endorsement. Can combine with a master’s degree in special education.