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MISL Textbook Collection

The MISL houses a small collection of instructional material and textbooks, most of which are from the list of Adopted Instructional Materials from the State of Oregon.  We do not receive funding for purchasing materials for this collection, so the samples that we receive come from textbook publishers, grants, and other donations.  A number of textbook publishers no longer send samples.  Instead, they want teachers to view samples online.  For that reason we have also created lists (by subject) with links to publisher sites, when available.  These lists are based on the Oregon Department of Education Adopted Instructional Materials list. You can access these lists via the following links:

Please refer to the Adopted Instructional Materials list for the most recent adoption schedule and selections.

Books in the collection are available for 2-week checkout.  While our first priority is to serve the needs of students and faculty in Graduate School of Education programs, the collection is also available to local educators.

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