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At a Glance: Interpersonal Neurobiology

Certificate of completion for working professionals

Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) is a new field that studies the way the brain grows and is influenced by personal relationships. Coined by Dr. Dan Siegel, UCLA, the premise of IPNB is that patterns of behavior, psychological conditions, and trauma, once thought to be permanent, now have bright potential for healing and growth.

Using concepts from IPNB courses, you will find and create practical applications to use in your work or your personal life. The implications of Interpersonal Neurobiology are far-reaching; this knowledge is being used in many different fields, from education to mental health to the workplace. The instructors in the program are committed to translating neuroscience research into usable ideas. This program often features nationally-known experts who are brought in to present.

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Program benefits

As a member of this program, you will:

  • Learn new strategies for working with your clients, your team, or your students
  • Participate in studying a brand new field
  • Earn a certificate, 19 credits, or 190 hours of CEUs

Upon completion, you will be able to use these 220 hours/22 credits for professional development or as electives in your degree program (check with your adviser).

Who is this for?

Typical enrollees are mental health professionals, social workers, educators, professional coaches, conflict resolution practitioners, criminal justice professionals, and those interested in teamwork and management applications.

Program format

  • Campus, online, or video streaming
  • 22 credits or 220 CE hours for the certificate
  • Offered for graduate credit or CEUs

Get started

Getting started in the IPNB classes at PSU is easy! There are no course prerequisites and you do not need to be admitted before taking a class or workshop. You may take up to eight credits per term at PSU as a non-admitted student.

  1. Visit the Continuing Education website to view available courses and registration details
  2. Register for the IPNB mailing list to get the latest information on upcoming events and courses


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Program Manager
1-800-547-8887 ext. 54876
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