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Employment Rates of GSE Program Completers

Alumni from the Graduate School of Education are surveyed twice after completing a program. The Employment Survey is sent out 6 months after completion and students are asked 5 questions about their current employment situation. The Alumni Survey is sent out 2 years after completion with a more lengthy survey asking for program feedback and employment information.  Typical response rates for the Employment survey are between 30-43% while the Alumni survey yields a 15-18% response rate. The data from the survey reflect all graduates of the School of Education including graduates of teacher, administrator, higher education, and counselor preparation programs.

Figure 1: Summary of alumni’s response to “Are you currently employed?”  The Employment survey is sent to previous years completers. Source: Employment Survey (2012-15)


Figure 2: Summary of alumni’s response to “Are you currently employed?”  The Alumni survey is sent to completers two years after program completion. Source: Alumni Survey (2012-15)