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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Admissions Criteria

The Doctoral Program Council makes admission decisions using the following criteria to gain a holistic picture of the applicant.

  • A level of academic ability that indicates a high probability of successful completion of the Educational Leadership doctorate.
  • Work, other professional experiences, and/or leadership potential which: (a) relate to the doctoral program; (b) are likely to contribute to an enrichment not only of the student's activities and studies within the program, but also enrichment of the program and its students; (c) demonstrates the ability to work and learn in a collaborative environment.
  • Academic experiences appropriate to the intended specialization, which support a prognosis of satisfactory completion of the doctoral program. This includes possession of a Master's degree from an accredited institution and an earned graduate GPA equivalent to at least 3.4 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Meet the University English language proficiency requirement if your first language is not English. Please note that this requirement applies to all students, including resident aliens and citizens.
  • Submission of completed application materials, forms, fees and transcripts (see admission details).