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Community Lecture Series

The Graduate School of Education's lecture series focuses on the research its faculty members do to improve education or human services in Oregon, the region, the nation, and world-wide.  We are holding the lecture series to inform you about the research our faculty are doing and to, honor deserving educators and counselors who have worked with the Graduate School of Education.

An evening with Andy Hargreaves
Dr. Andy Hargreaves
February 4, 2013


Developing and Assessing Teacher Effectiveness
Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond
February 7, 2011

darling-hammond and hitzHow can we ensure high-quality educational practices for all students in all classrooms? Dr. Darling-Hammond presented her vision on effective educational systems. She is a nationally-known education advisor, speaker, and author. “She has been identified as one of the most influential people in education today,” says Randy Hitz, dean of the PSU Graduate School of Education. “She is influential today and her work will continue to be valued for decades to come.”
Read more and download presentation files here.

What Intelligence Tests Miss: The Psychology of Rational Thought
Dr. Keith Stanovich, courtesy appointment in Special Education
April 27, 2010


Cognitive psychologist and Grawemeyer award winner Dr. Keith Stanovich discusses the disconnect between practical intelligence and what we test on intelligence tests. His colleagues call him one of the most influential cognitive psychologists in the world.


Celebrating the Whole Child: Life's Lessons and the Learning Environment
Dr. Dilafruz Williams, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy
April 29, 2009
Image of Dilafruz Williams giving lecture 

Dr. Williams, who is also the co-chair of the Portland Public Schools Board of Education, asked us to examine what education and learning are really about? Her presentation showed examples of learning environments in our own backyards (literally and metaphorically) where life’s lessons generate wonder and curiosity. Julia Brim-Edwards, a tireless supporter of education; State Senator Margaret Carter; Chris Gutierrez, Principal of Atkinson Elementary School; Carole Smith, Superintendent of PPS; and Sarah Taylor, Principal of Sunnyside Environmental School, were honored for their contributions to education by the GSE.


Autism Research at PSU: Generating Outcomes for Children
Dr. Joel Arick, Department of Special Education
October 29, 2008

Dr. Arick’s presentation focused on the remarkable advancements made in Autism research and what we have learned through the Center for Autism Research and Training’s longitudinal study. Students in the autism certificate of completion program were also honored with certificates of completion, and Dr. Dave Krug was honored for his ongoing work  in autism education at PSU and in the community.


Creating Relevance in Math Science Education
Dr. Ron Narode, Department of Curriculum and Instruction 
April 16, 2008

Picture of Ron Narode giving lecture 
Dr. Narode specializes in preparing teacher candidates in the fields of math and science. Along with his explanation of the myriad ways that math and science have relevancy in our daily lives, Dr. Narode acknowledged community partners and educators who have contributed to the advancement of mathematics and science education at Portland State University.  Click here to view a video of this presentation.