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Scholarship Award Recipients

Awards for 2014-15

Fulbright U.S. Student Program 2014-15

For more information visit or email – For help with writing the Fulbright Essay: Click Here for a 58-minute audio session from Spring 2012 (approx. 6.8 MB).

Katherine Ball – Denmark

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives of Denmark: a Research-based Art Installation

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Katherine has spent the last four years working on projects around the world, exploring alternatives to the dominant discourse.  Some of these include: bicycling across the US to interview Americans working on small-scale solutions to the climate crisis, coordinating a national day of action to halt business at banks and corporations unduly influencing state laws, and living in an off-grid floating island building mushroom filters to clean a polluted lake. An amateur in the best sense of the word, Katherine strives to give more energy to our dreams than our fears.

Matthew Chmielewski – Chile

Avian Zoochoroy of the sub-Antarctic Bryoflora of Chile

Matthew grew up in rural New England and found his love of the biological sciences there while attending Clark University for both his undergrad and master's degrees. His enthusiasm for ecology and scientific outreach has lead him through a variety of positions since, including the education department of the Franklin Park Zoo, chasing bonobos around central Democratic Republic of the Congo, monkey studies in Panama, reserve management in Costa Rica, and bird demography studies in western Oregon and on the island of Saipan. Matthew's travel to Chile with the Fulbright will allow him a great opportunity to ask further questions about how bird behavior influences the spatial properties of how moss communities are formed and maintained, which is the focus of his PhD work at Portland State University. 

Rabia Newton - Russia

English Teaching Assistant with a project on culture and language acquisition

Rabia Newton graduated from Portland State University in June of 2013 with a B.A. in Russian language and literature, liberal studies, and English. While studying at PSU, she worked as a peer mentor for University Studies and was very involved within the Russian department. During the fall of 2011, Rabia was lucky enough to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia where she spent the semester living with a host family and studying with the international exchange program CIEE. She will be returning to Russia for the 2014-2015 academic year as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Eventually, Rabia hopes to pursue an advanced degree in Slavic Studies and journalism.  

Jonathan Strand - Germany

English Teaching Assistant with a project on American Culture Clubs

In Spring 2012 Jonathan Strand participated in the German Spring Intensive Program in Tübingen, Germany. This spring he will graduate Cum Laude with a BA in German and a minor in Math. His Fulbright award will take him to Germany as an English Teaching Assistant. After his year abroad with Fulbright, he plans on applying to a PhD program that is focused on German Language and Culture.

Sharita Towne - Brazil

English Teaching Assistant with a project on Brazilian youth-based audio-visual production

Our past burdens give shape to what worlds we may build, now and in the future. As an artist and educator Sharita Towne is interested in unpacking these burdens, in understanding how they mold our present selves, and in trying to give rise to a collective catharsis. To this end she has undertaken work at former concentration camps and memorials in Germany, in Saharawi Refugee camps in Algeria, in favelas and cultural centers in Brazil, and in Chile, Spain, Palestine, and within her own family. Sharita grew up between Oregon, Washington, and Northern California, and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2008 with a BA in Art Practice and Interdisciplinary Studies. She works in education, printmaking, video, translation, and socially engaged art projects. 

Photo caption: Sharita is giving her mother a shout out at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library, where she screened films as part of "The People's Laundromat Theatre" in Harlem.

Dylan Waite - United Kingdom

Development of Personal and/or Social Racial Biases and Prejudicial Beliefs

Dylan Waite was born and raised in Big Sky Country.  As a 3rd generation Montanan who joined the Army Reserves and moved out of state to attend college, he’s as comfortable with a fishing pole in his hands as he is with a textbook or field manual.  After graduating from Portland State University in 2008 with a BS in Sociology and Psychology he commissioned as an Officer in the Oregon Army National Guard and spent the next 4 years serving on Active Duty deployed to Iraq and working at the National Guard Headquarters in Arlington, VA.  He returned to Portland in 2012 to pursue a MS in Sociology, researching Far-Right racial extremism in America.  He will be attending the University of Leicester exploring the effect of rapidly changing ethnic/racial demographics on social and racial attitudes.  Dylan hopes to visit the birth place and grave site of his namesake, Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

Analesa Zimmerman - Mexico

English Teaching Assistant with a project of student-based English theater production

Analesa Zimmerman will graduate in Spring 2014 with an M.A. in Spanish from Portland State University, where she has taught intermediate Spanish for the past two years.  Her foreign language studies, combined with her teaching experience and her work with AmeriCorps promoting literacy within migrant communities in the Salinas Valley led her apply for the ETA (Fulbright) in Mexico. While there she will explore alternative foreign language teaching methodologies, fine-tune her language skills, and enjoy sunnier climes. Upon returning to the States, Analesa will continue to pursue her career in bilingual education.

David L. Boren Scholarship and Fellowship Award Recipients

For more information visit or email

Ashley Moe - Russia - 2014-15

Ashley Moe is a Russian Flagship student majoring in Russian language at Portland State University.  Her first trip to Russia was in the fall semester of 2012, when she lived in St. Petersburg and studied the language at Smolny Institute.  Upon returning home to Portland, OR, Ashley decided to join the Russian Flagship at PSU.  Soon afterwards, she was chosen to work for NBC at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, and consequently lived and worked for one month in Sochi as a runner and interpreter.  In the summer of 2014, Ashley will head off once again to St. Petersburg, where she will study for one academic year at St. Petersburg State University, thereby completing her PSU Senior Capstone.  Ashley is interested in using her Russian language skills to pursue a career in the federal government. 

Miriam Goldman - Russia - 2014-15

Miriam Goldman is thrilled and honored to be awarded a Boren Scholarship to study Russian at the Overseas Flagship Center at St. Petersburg State University for the 2014-2015 year! She is a Russian Flagship student with a double major in Psychology and Russian. Over the academic year she will be immersed in Russian culture and language through academic courses, a direct-enrollment course in psychology, an internship at a local organization, and living with a host family. She has a strong interest in understanding the stigma surrounding mental illness and the study of human behavior in Russia. She will pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology, and hopes to apply her Russian language and cultural skills as a Clinical Psychologist within the intelligence community of the U.S federal government. 

Gilman Award Recipients 2013-14

Summer 2013 Programs ( Summer 2014 Recipient Photos and Info Coming Soon!! )

Cassandra Moore – China

Cassandra is in her last year at PSU, completing an English and Creative Writing degree. She grew up in the high desert of southwest Colorado, and before transferring to PSU last fall, she studied at Middlebury College in Vermont. While friends and family may have expected her to pursue literature studies in England, she has chosen to pursue a lifelong interest in alternative medicine and is going to southwest China to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduating from PSU this year, it remains to be seen whether she will pursue a master’s in acupuncture or venture into Health Communications.

Brooke Perry – France

After growing up in Las Vegas, Brooke decided to look for cooler weather and headed to the Northwest. She is currently a junior, completing her first year at Portland State. She is majoring in Art Practices with a focus on painting and sculpture, as well as minoring in the French Language. This summer she will travel to Angers, France to participate in an intensive language program at l’Université Catholique de l’Ouest. Once there, she will not only have the opportunity to fully engage with native speakers, but also be able to conduct research on both modern and gothic art, as well as their influences on the city’s culture. While studying, she will pursue the production of a cohesive body of work to be shared at PSU upon return, displaying her own experiences in Angers, the intertwinings of artistic expression and culture in hopes to inspire other young artists to study abroad.

Rose Sleanbeck – Kyrgyzstan & Belarus

Rose is a senior undergrad studying anthropology at PSU. In Kyrgyzstan she will be studying the Russian language in a six week immersion course where she will explore the city of Bishkek. Later she will travel to Minsk, Belarus where she will join up with a folklore preservation team who will travel to a remote village where she will participate in ethnographic folklore preservation with the elders of the village. Academic interests include heritage and folklore preservation, Ethnographic study of European indigenous populations, specifically agricultural practices through time, mytho-historical narratives, socio-cultural life ways, and historical archaeology of the Caucuses Mountains and Black and Adriatic Seas regions.

Serena Worthington – Argentina

Serena is double majoring in Spanish and Health Studies with a focus in Aging Services. She is participating in the Council on International Education Exchange’s 2013 Summer Community Public Health program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this program, she’ll have the opportunity to examine and participate in the health system in both Argentina and Uruguay. Looking at the social determinants of health and issues faced by people with disabilities, Serena will learn from government, non-profit, and public health officials about the successes and failures of the healthcare system in these countries.

Academic Year Programs 2013-14

Aaron Burrow – Costa Rica

Aaron is currently an undergraduate at PSU getting his degree in Biology with a second major in Spanish. After his undergraduate work, he hopes to continue on to get his Master’s Degree in the former of those two majors and teach Biology to his heart’s content. He will be attending La Universidad Nacional in Costa Rica for a year. He is extremely thankful for this opportunity and hopes to foster his language skills and cultural comprehension in order to more actively engage with students of many different cultural backgrounds.

Natalie Grant – Germany

Natalie’s experiences as an Au pair in Germany have lead her to a fascination with the country, language, and culture. Since her return she has continued her study of German and International Studies at PSU, as well as followed up opportunities to develop fluency such as working for a German family and acting in German theatrical productions. As part of her experience in German immersion, she has attended the Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik for the past two summers, where she received the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship for study at Heidelberg University this coming fall. She is truly passionate about promoting traveling and study abroad, and will reach out to middle and high school students upon her return, as her time already spent in Germany has significantly changed her life and goals. She has not made specific future plans but intends on continuing to study German, international affairs, and business.

Aaron Murray – South Africa

Currently a Senior at PSU, Aaron is majoring in Communications, along with a minor in International Studies. He will be applying his Gilman Scholarship to an international internship program in Cape Town, South Africa. While in Cape Town, Aaron will be working for an experiential marketing firm. While he has spent significant time traveling internationally, he is looking forward to the opportunity to integrate into another country’s professional structure. After graduation, Aaron will be pursuing a career in professional sports, with the goal of becoming the traveling secretary for a MLB team.

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Recipients  - Summer 2014

To learn more about this opportunity to study language overseas during the summer, go to

Noah Sellers – Morocco

Noah Sellers has been awarded a Critical Language Scholarship to Morocco for the summer of 2014. Noah is a 2006 graduate of PSU's Applied Linguistics and TESOL programs, currently studying in the PSU Arabic program.  He has taught English in Thailand, South Korea, Slovakia, and Indonesia. 


Karen Lickteig - Morocco

Karen Lickteig grew up in Wichita, Kansas and moved to Portland in 2008 to attend Lewis & Clark College. After her first study abroad experience in 2010-11 as a William Jefferson Clinton Scholar in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, she transferred to PSU and began working at the university's Middle East Studies Center. She has been back to the Middle East four additional times - to Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon and Turkey. In 2013 she earned her BA in International Studies focusing on the Middle East with minors in Arabic language and Business Administration from Portland State. Karen has also interned for the US-Qatar Business Council and the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center of the Middle East Institute, both in Washington, D.C. Karen is currently pursuing a Master of Urban Studies at PSU as a Foreign Language & Area Studies fellow, and will continue her Arabic language studies this summer as a Critical Language Scholar in Rabat, Morocco. She is particularly interested in issues surrounding U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, urban design, human rights, sustainable development, and cross-cultural communication.

Dean Leininger - Japan

Dean Leininger, a first generation college student, is studying Japanese language in Summer 2014 in Himeji, Japan through the Critical Language Scholarship. He is very glad to have the opportunity to see the country he's so long waited to visit.  He aspires to later study for a Master's degree in translation/interpreting after first spending time teaching for the JET program or at one of Japan's many private language schools as an English teacher, thus giving him more time to improve his Japanese language and culture skills.  (Photo not available)

Colton Hennick - Russia

Colton Hennick grew up in the small, rural town of Placerville, California. During his high school Spanish classes, he realized his love for foreign languages and was eager to learn more. He began to independently study Russian his sophomore year of high school. He moved specifically to Portland to be a part of the Russian Flagship Program at PSU. His independent study paid off, allowing him to place into Kristine Shmakov's RUS 203 course at PCC Slyvania for the Spring 2013 term. From there, he advanced into third year Russian at PSU. Colton received the Critical Language Scholarship to study for two months in Ufa, Russia this coming summer. He will graduate with a B.A. in Russian with an Applied Linguistics minor. His goal is to bring his Russian to native level proficiency. He is extremely interested in a career in intelligence with the U.S. government and learning Korean and additional critical needs languages. 

Emily Harris - Bangladesh

Emily Harris is a second year Civil Engineering major at PSU, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from North Carolina’s Appalachian State University.  Emily will be headed to Dhaka, Bangladesh to learn beginning Bengali for the summer of 2014 through the Critical Language Scholarship Program.  Upon completion of her engineering education, she hopes to collaborate with varied communities displaced by natural disasters in the construction of transitional infrastructure.  Bangladesh’s exposure to increasingly intense storm systems, as well as its history of improvised mitigation strategies for these events, makes it a particularly pertinent learning environment for this purpose.  With the language skills she acquires through this program, Emily hopes to return to Bangladesh to learn directly from regional communities about the challenges they face due to climatic events, their existing strategies for survival, and their ideas for infrastructural improvements.


Fulbright Faculty Scholars Program

For information on Fulbright Faculty Scholar Recipients, please go to


Past Award Recipients

2013-14 Fulbright Awards CountryProject Title
Michael Bonham Brazil English Teaching Assistant
Genevieve Hudson The Netherlands Creative Writing, Contemporary Adaptations of Dutch Fairy Tales
2013-14 Boren Recipients CountryProgram
Nick Smith Jordan Arabic Language Fellowship
Robert Eshleman China Chinese Language Scholarship
Shelby Macy Russia Russian Language Scholarship
Evan Schott Russia Russian Language Scholarship
2013 Critical Language ScholarshipCountryProgram
Kelly Greenberg India Hindi Summer Language Scholarship
Chris Sarter Russia Russian Summer Language Scholarship
2012-13 Fulbright AwardsCountryProject Title
Mandy Elder Mexico Researcher – Young women’s educational experiences
Andrea Gorman Serbia English Teaching Assistant
Rebecca Haley Spain English Teaching Assistant
Olivia Kulander Indonesia Researcher – Biogeography and acoustics of the eastern tarsier
Cyan Solis-Sichel Ecuador English Teaching Assistant
2012-13 Boren AwardsCountryProgram
David Duke Morocco Arabic Language Study
Jacqueline LaBerge Russia Russian Language Study
Inna Makheddinova * Russia Russian Language Study
Jacob Parsley Russia Russian Language Study
2012-13 Critical Language ScholarshipsCountry- – –
Karen Lickteig Jordan - – –
Shelby Macy Russia - – –
Simon Peters China - – –
Mitchell Souter Russia - – –
2012-13 Gilman AwardsCountry$ Amount – Term
Jonae Cope Egypt $8,000 – Summer
Valeria Spirko Russia $2,500 – Summer
Noah Al-Saffar Kubacki Egypt $8,000 – Fall
Mathew Ensign South Korea $4,500 – Fall
Joshua Hunt Japan $5,000 – Fall
Ma Zhi Japan $5,000 – Fall
Anna Ropalo Russia $5,000 – Fall
Angela Rowe Senegal $5,000 – Fall
Corrie Rushford Peru $3,000 – Fall
Cammie Tomlin Ecuador $3,500 – Fall
Vinh Tran Russia $8,000 – Fall
Adam Walters Japan $5,000 – Fall

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2011-12 Awards

2011-12 Fulbright AwardsCountryProject Title
Erica Charves United Arab Emirates Women’s Participation & Leadership in Emirati Urban Planning & Sustainability
Sandra Derrick Azerbaijan English Teaching Assistant with a project on Muslim Women Voices
Samuel N. McLain-Jesperson Morocco English Teaching Assistant with a project on hip hop in North African youth culture
Nick O’Gara Turkey English Teaching Assistant with a community project on interfacing with local culture through music
Julia Ruppell Laos Ecology of Crested Gibbons (primate research)
Sarah Taylor Germany English Teaching Assistant, with Projects on German K-12 Educational System & American Culture Clubs
2011-12 Boren AwardsCountryProgram
Katherine Fuxia Stankus China Mandarin Language Study
Alisha M. Reinhart Russia Russian Language Study

2011-12 Fulbright Scholars Program (Faculty)


Kelly Doherty Germany Fulbright International Education Administrators Seminar
Jeff Gerwing India Fulbright Scholar
Mark Kaplan Sweden Fulbright Senior Specialist in Public/Global Health
Dannelle Stevens Turkey Fulbright Senior Specialist in Education

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2010-11 Awards

2010-11 Fulbright AwardsCountryProject Title
Jean-Paul Zagarola Chile A Community-based, Eco-system Services Approach to Watershed Management and Conservation
Robin Pipkin Croatia English Teaching Assistant
2010-11 Boren AwardsCountryProgram
Ghislaine Cravalho Japan International Studies and Business
Kelsey Lundgren Jordan Conflict Resolution
Daniel Auger Turkey International Studies and Business
2010-11 Freeman Indonesian Non-Profit Internship Program ScholarshipCountryProgram
Fraya Saquin Indonesia Business Administration
2010-11 Boesch AwardsCountryProgram
Claire Adamsick Germany Conflict Resolution