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Scholarship Award Recipients

Awards for 2015-2016

Fulbright U.S. Student Program 2015-16

For more information visit or email – For help with writing the Fulbright Essay: Click Here for a 58-minute audio session from Spring 2012 (approx. 6.8 MB).

Garry Sotnik – Ukraine

Research into forest use and management practices in the Carpathian Mountains

Garry is a Ph.D. student in the Systems Science Program at PSU and a member of the Dynamic Ecosystems and Landscapes Lab. He also teaches the following two courses at PSU: “Modeling Social-Ecological Systems” and “Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling.” Garry employs multi -actor and -network modeling in studying co-evolutionary interactions among social and ecological processes. His dissertation work involves developing a social human extension for a forest landscape change model, LANDIS-II, and using it to study change in forest use and management practices, institutions, early warning signals, regime shifts, and social-ecological traps. The dissertation work is mostly theoretical, with Ukraine proving a case study.

Sarah Keeney – Colombia

English Teaching Assistant with a project in community-based environmental conservation.

Sarah Keeney is an M.A. TESOL student at Portland State University and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from PSU.  Sarah grew up in the Chicago area and graduated from Northwestern University in 1995, a member of the university’s first graduating class of Environmental Sciences majors.  For 15 years, she worked as a community organizer, coordinator, and fundraiser for various conservation groups in Alaska, the western United States, and Canada.  Seeking a new challenge and a mid-life career change, Sarah began her language studies at PSU in 2010.  Upon returning to the States, she will finish her Masters and hopes to work teaching English to immigrant and refugee adults in the Portland area.

Christopher Hascall – South Korea

English Teaching Assistant with a project on American Culture Clubs

Chris first became interested in teaching and travel while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He graduated from PSU with a B.A. in East Asian International Studies and a M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. In 2014, he taught at an English summer camp in Jeollanam-do, South Korea. He will be returning to South Korea as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, after which he intends to pursue a PhD in International Relations.

Michael H. Myers - Indonesia

Research - Forest Livelihoods and Conservation Initiatives in Borneo

Michael grew up just outside Boston and received his bachelor’s degree from Portland State University in anthropology, where he focused on environmental and cultural anthropology.  He went on to earn a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems at PSU for which he performed research on palm oil plantations and land tenure conflict in Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia.  Michael’s Fulbright grant will allow him to continue this research in Indonesia where he will perform participant observation, surveys, interviews, participatory mapping exercises, stakeholder workshops, and systems dynamics modeling in five settlements located in forested areas along the Kelay River in Berau, East Kalimantan that are expected to undergo major landscape changes in the near future.  Michael will be affiliating with researchers from the Bogor Agricultural University, the Nature Conservancy, and the Center for International Forestry Research to design policy recommendations that aim to provide local stakeholders meaningful opportunities to collaboratively engage with forestry planners in district wide REDD+ forest management projects.  He hopes to use this opportunity to inform further graduate work in environmental anthropology or forest planning.

Heather Johnson - Turkey

English Teaching Assistant

Heather Johnson is graduating with a B.A. in Applied Linguistics and is receiving a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificate. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society. She has previous experience teaching adult community ESL courses which cater to immigrants and refugees in the greater Portland area. In Turkey, she will teach at an up and coming university and help develop their English teaching curriculum. Upon her return, Heather is considering going to grad school or joining the Peace Corps. Her ultimate goal is to work with the immigrant and refugee community.

Awards for 2015-2016

David L. Boren Scholarship and Fellowship Award Recipients 2015-16

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Huell White - Kazakhstan - 2015-16

Huell White is a Russian major and a member of the PSU Russian Flagship Program. Huell started learning Russian as a freshman when he moved here from South Carolina. He first studied in Vladimir, Russia on the Russian Language and Area Studies Program in the summer of 2014. In fall 2015, Huell will travel to Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he will study for a full academic year and fulfill a capstone with an internship. Huell plans on seeking employment in the federal government, where he can use Russian to aid in the nation's diplomatic and national security endeavors.

William Forrest Holden - Kazakhstan - 2015-16

Forrest is a history major with a focus on the history of Imperial Russia, as well as a student in the Russian Flagship Program. After studying in Vladimir, Russia in 2011 on the Critical Language Scholarship, he completed an internship through the Honors College at the European Reading Room in the Library of Congress. Recently, Forrest completed his honors thesis on the history of gender in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Russia. He is the current Honors Editorial Fellow at the Pacific Historical Review, where he serves as Book Review Coordinator. In addition, he works as a Russian Tutor at the Learning Center. After completing the Russian Overseas Flagship Program, Forrest plans to pursue a career in policy, research, or education.

Connor Michelotti - Kazakhstan - 2015-16

Connor Michelotti is excited and honored to receive the Boren scholarship to study Russian at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty, Kazakhstan for the academic 2015-16 year. Having spent his first two years learning Russian at PCC Sylvania, he is now a Russian Flagship student majoring in Russian at Portland State University. He spent the summer of 2013 immersing himself in the culture in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, and the summer of 2014 in Vladimir, studying at the KORA Institute under the auspices of American Councils. He started an internship at the beginning of the fall quarter of 2014 working for the Portland Police Bureau on the Slavic Advisory Board, and will be completing his PSU capstone abroad in the aforementioned university in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  After graduation, he is interested in using his high proficiency in Russian to work for the federal government.

Anthony Castaneda - Kazakhstan - 2015-16

Anthony Castaneda is a student in the Russian Flagship Program studying Political Science and Russian Language. In the spring of 2013, he studied at the Smolny Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia on the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship. That following academic year Anthony enrolled into the PSU Flagship Program with plans to complete his PSU Senior Capstone abroad, which has been recently relocated from St. Petersburg to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Anthony is also a McNair Scholar and will complete an original research project with a focus on generational change within post-Soviet Russia before his year abroad. Anthony is interested in international relations and Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies and wishes to pursue a career within the federal government.

Conrad Henkel - Kazakhstan - 2015-16  

Conrad Henkel is a Flagship student studying Russian and Political Science.  He first took Russian by mistake, but enjoyed it so much that he kept on studying the language. He is very excited to study abroad in Kazakhstan, especially because he gets to go with his best friends. Conrad wants to eventually become an ambassador, or a ski instructor in a Russian speaking country, depending on which career works out better.


Gilman Award Recipients 2014-15

Learn more about Gilman here:

(Recipient Photos and Info Coming Soon!)

Alexandria Koumentis - Italy 

Lina Nguyen - South Korea 

Lily Zhao - South Korea

Zackary Martin - Peru

Victoria Bartscherer - South Korea

Eden Radfarr - Germany

Emily Doyle - Japan


Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Recipients  - Summer 2015

To learn more about this opportunity to study language overseas during the summer, go to

Colton Hennick - Russia

Colton Hennick grew up in the small, rural town of Placerville, California. During his high school Spanish classes, he realized his love for foreign languages and was eager to learn more. He began to independently study Russian his sophomore year of high school and moved specifically to Portland to be a part of the Russian Flagship Program at PSU. His independent study paid off and allowed him to place into the end of second year Russian at PCC Sylvania after which he transferred to PSU. Colton studied abroad during the summer of 2014 in Tbilisi Georgia on the Critical Language Scholarship. He won the Critical Language Scholarship again in 2015 and will spend this summer at the KORA Center for Russian Language Study in Vladimir, Russia.  He will graduate with a B.A. in Russian and  pursue a career in intelligence with the U.S. government.

Peter Fodor - Japan

Peter is a PCC alumnus, and soon to graduate from PSU with a major in Applied Linguistics and a minor in Japanese. He has worked in IT and precision machining throughout his tertiary education, and looks forward to attending graduate school soon. His research interests include orthography, literacy, technology in education, conversation analysis, and second language acquisition.


Simon Peters - China

Simon is a recent graduate from the University Honors College, earning his BA with a double major in Applied Linguistics and Chinese, along with a certificate in Asian Studies.  Following two years of language study at PSU, Simon first visited China with CLS in 2012.  The program kicked-off his year of study abroad, during which he studied Chinese at PSU's sister school in southern Taiwan, followed by coursework and an independent research project at an SIT Study Abroad site in southwestern China.  His research examined language attitudes and language shift among Tibetan speakers in an urbanizing tourism hub.  His paper was published in Anthós, PSU's undergraduate Honors College research journal, and is accessible through the PDX Scholar portal.  Since graduating, he has been working as a conversation partner in PSU's Intensive English Language Program.  In the fall, Simon will begin a graduate fellowship in linguistics at UC Santa Barbara, where he will earn his PhD specializing in language documentation.

Lacey Smith - Turkey (Photo and bio coming soon)

Fulbright Faculty Scholars Program

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Past Award Recipients

2014-15 Fulbright US Student Awards

Katherine Ball - Denmark - Environmental Sustainability Initiatives of Denmark: a Research-based Art Installation

Matthew Chmielewski - Chile - Avian Zoochoroy of the sub-Antarctic Bryoflora of Chile

Rabia Newton - Russia - English Teaching Assistant with a project on culture and language acquisition

Jonathan Strand - Germany - English Teaching Assistant with a project on American Culture Clubs

Sharita Towne - Brazil - English Teaching Assistant with a project on Brazilian youth-based audio-visual production

Dylan Waite - United Kingdom - Development of Personal and/or Social Racial Biases and Prejudicial Beliefs

Analesa Zimmerman - Mexico - English Teaching Assistant with a project of student-based English theater production


2014-15 Boren Recipients

Ashley Moe - Kazakhstan - Russian Flagship Language Scholarship

Miriam Goldman - Kazakhstan - Russian Flagship Language Scholarship


2014 Critical Language Scholarships

Noah Sellers - Morocco - Arabic Summer Language Scholarship

Karen Lickteig - Morocco - Arabic Summer Language Scholarship

Dean Leiniger - Japan - Japanese Summer Language Scholarship

Colton Hennick - Georgia - Russian Summer Language Scholarship


Gilman Award Recipients 2014-15

(Recipient Info Coming Soon!)


2013-14 Fulbright US Student Awards

Michael Bonham - Brazil - English Teaching Assistant

Genevieve Hudson - The Netherlands - Creative Writing, Contemporary Adaptations of Dutch Fairy Tales


2013-14 Boren Recipients

Nick Smith - Jordan - Arabic Language Fellowship (Gr)

Robert Eshleman - China - Chinese Language Scholarship

Evan Schott - Russia - Russian Language Scholarship


2013 Critical Language Scholarship

Kelly Greenberg - India - Hindi Summer Language Scholarship

Chris Sarter - Russia - Russian Summer Language Scholarship


Gilman Award Recipients 2013-14

Cassandra Moore – China - Summer 2013

Brooke Perry – France - Summer 2013

Rose Sleanbeck – Kyrgyzstan & Belarus - Summer 2013

Serena Worthington – Argentina - Summer 2013

Aaron Burrow – Costa Rica - Academic Year 

Natalie Grant – Germany - Academic Year

Aaron Murray – South Africa - Academic Year


2012-13 Fulbright US Student Awards

Mandy Elder - Mexico - Research: Young women’s educational experiences

Andrea Gorman - Serbia - English Teaching Assistant

Rebecca Haley - Spain - English Teaching Assistant

Olivia Kulander - Indonesia - Researcher – Biogeography and acoustics of the eastern tarsier

Cyan Solis-Sichel - Ecuador - English Teaching Assistant


2012-13 Boren Awards

David Duke - Morocco - Arabic Language Study (Gr)

Jacqueline LaBerge - Russia - Russian Language Study 

Inna Makheddinova - Russia - Russian Language Study

Jacob Parsley - Russia - Russian Language Study


2012-13 Critical Language Scholarship

Karen Lickteig - Jordan

Simon Peters - China

Mitchell Souter - Russia


2012-13 Gilman Study Abroad Awards

Jonae Cope - Egypt - Summer

Valeria Spirko - Russia – Summer

Noah Al-Saffar Kubacki - Egypt – Fall

Mathew Ensign - South Korea – Fall

Joshua Hunt - Japan – Fall

Ma Zhi - Japan – Fall

Anna Ropalo - Russia – Fall

Angela Rowe - Senegal - Fall

Corrie Rushford - Peru – Fall

Cammie Tomlin - Ecuador – Fall

Vinh Tran - Russia – Fall

Adam Walters - Japan – Fall


2011-12 Fulbright US Student Awards

Erica Charves - United Arab Emirates - Women’s Participation & Leadership in Emirati Urban Planning & Sustainability

Sandra Derrick - Azerbaijan - English Teaching Assistant with a project on Muslim Women Voices

Samuel N. McLain-Jesperson - Morocco - English Teaching Assistant with a project on hip hop in North African youth culture

Nick O’Gara - Turkey - English Teaching Assistant with a community project on interfacing with local culture through music

Julia Ruppell - Laos - Ecology of Crested Gibbons (primate research)

Sarah Taylor - Germany - English Teaching Assistant, with Projects on German K-12 Educational System & American Culture Clubs


2011-12 Boren Awards

Katherine Fuxia Stankus - China - Mandarin Language Study

Alisha M. Reinhart - Russia - Russian Language Study


2011-12 Fulbright Scholars Program (Faculty Program)

Kelly Doherty - Germany - Fulbright International Education Administrators Seminar

Jeff Gerwing - India - Fulbright Scholar

Mark Kaplan - Sweden - Fulbright Senior Specialist in Public/Global Health

Dannelle Stevens - Turkey - Fulbright Senior Specialist in Education


2010-11 Fulbright US Student Awards

Jean-Paul Zagarola - Chile - A Community-based, Eco-system Services Approach to Watershed Management and Conservation

Robin Pipkin - Croatia - English Teaching Assistant


2010-11 Boren Awards

Ghislaine Cravalho - Japan - International Studies and Business

Kelsey Lundgren - Jordan - Conflict Resolution (Gr)

Daniel Auger - Turkey - International Studies and Business (Gr)


2010-11 Freeman Indonesian Non-Profit Internship Program Scholarship

Fraya Saquin - Indonesia - Business Administration


2010-11 Boesch Awards

Claire Adamsick - Germany - Conflict Resolution


(Previous recipient information available at the Office of International Affairs -