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John F. Walker

Dr. John F. Walker

Professor of Economics (1966)

Ph.D. 1972 University of Utah;
Graduate Certificate 1963, B.S. 1960,



Teaching Fields


  • Public Fiance: Public Spending and Debt Policy, Taxation and Incomes Policies, Seminar in Public Finance.
  • American Economic History: Twientieth Century.
  • Economic Theory: Macro Principles, Micro Principles, Intermediate Macroeconomics.

Research Interests

  • American Economic History
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Government Spending

 Selected Current Research and Publications

  • "Long Run Aggregate Supply Verticality: Fact or Fiction," with Harold G. Vatter, The American Economist, forthcoming.
  • "How Fast Can the Economy Grow, 1995-2020," with Harold G. Vatter, Futures, forthcoming.
  • "Do we Want to Raise the Eligibility for social Security Retirees?", with Harold G. Vatter, Journal of Economic Issues, September 1999.
  • "Demand the Neglected Participant in the Long Run U. S. Productivity Record," with Harold G. Vatter, The American Economist, Spring, 1999.
  • "Support for Baby-Boom Retirees-Not to Worry," with Harold G. Vatter, Journal of Economic Issues, March 1998.
  • The Rise of Big Government in the United States, with Harold G. Vatter, Armonk,NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1997.
  • U. S. Economic History since World War II, with H. G. Vatter, Armonk, N.Y.: M. E. Sharpe, 1995.
  • "The Onset and Persistence of Secular Stagnation: 1910-1990," with H. G. Vatter, Journal of Economic Issues, June 1995.

Ongoing Research

  • "Is There a New Economy: Comparison of the 1990s and the 1920s" with Harold G. Vatter
  • "War and Economic Growth: The American Experience in the 20th Century" with Harold G. Vatter
  • "Tax Changes Can Underwrite 2030 Social Security" with Harold G. Vatter
  • "A Social Security Fiscal Solution: Augment the Tax Base, Cut the Rates" with Harold G. Vatter