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Westside Schedule

The ECE department offers its Westside classes at the Willow Creek Center in Beaverton.  Classes are held at this location to accommodate working professionals in Washington County who want to refreshing their knowledge, learn some new techniques or would like to furthering their degree. More information about the program can be found here.

Fall 2013 Winter 2014 Spring 2014 SUMMER 2014
ECE 311: Feedback & Control (Compton) ECE 351: Hardware Description Languages & Prototyping (Kulkarni) ECE 371: Microprocessors (Staff) ECE 372: Microprocessor Interface & Embed Sys (Kravitz)
ECE 510: Top: Embedded System Design & Programmable Logic II (Teuscher & Kravitz) ECE 425/525: Digital IC Design I (Patwary) ECE 510: RF IC Design (Campbell) ECE 510: CMOS Mixed Signal IC Design (Staff)
ECE 588/688: Advanced Computer Architecture II (Alameldeen)
ECE 510: Quality and Reliability Engineering (Johnson)
ECE 426/526: Digital IC Design II (Patwary)
ECE 510: Post-Silicon Validation (Staff)
  ECE 540: System Design w/ Programmable Logic (Kravitz)
ECE 544: Embedded Systems (Kravitz) ECE 587: Advanced Comp Architecture I (Staff)

ECE 485/585: Microprocessor System Design (Kravitz)
ECE 486/586: Computer Architecture (Chishti)  
  ECE 510: Post-Silicon Validation (Muilenburg) ECE 510: Pre-Silicon Validation (Aktan)

Updated 11/21/13. This schedule may change and more classes may be added.

ECE 588/688 - Advanced Computer Architecture II
Taught by Alaa Alameldeen, Intel
Tuesday/Thursday 7:00-8:50 p.m. 

Discussion of parallel computer architectures and their uses. Key topics include MIMD architectures; associative processing; shared-memory and message-passing architectures; dataflow and reduction architectures; special-purpose processors; design and analysis of interconnection networks; and an overview of parallel software issues. Students will complete the project started in ECE 587/687.
Prerequisite: ECE 587/687

Email Dr. Alameldeen:
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