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Intel Microcomputer Laboratory


The FAB Intel Lab is a general computer lab that is open to all engineering students. Within the facility are Windows-based computers, Linux-based workstations, and several B/W and color laser printers and scanners. Wired and wireless access is also available for laptop computers. A variety of Windows software packages are offered, including Microsoft Office, Cadence design tools, QuestaSim, SynaptiCAD, Agilent ADS, LT Spice, LabView, MATLAB, Maple, Mathcad, Microsoft Visual Studio, Python, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Arduino, LabJack, and Cygwin.


FAB 55-17


  • Computer workstation (Windows 7 or Linux)
  • B/W & color laser printers, flatbed scanners


Computer Action Team (CAT)