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Computer Accounts

Extensive computing facilities are available for instruction and research in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. A high-speed local area network with 40+ Sun SPARC workstations allows grad students to do courses and research work with all the latest tools from Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Synopsys, and others.  Another LAN with 60+ PC type machines provides student access to the latest PC based tools. Several research labs also have specialized computers as required for the work being done.

Most of your general, computer-based work in the Electrical or Computer Engineering program will be done on the UNIX (Solaris) based SPARCs or on the Windows-based PCs in the Fourth Avenue Building (FAB).  When you enroll in an ECE class that requires the use of a particular computer system, you will automatically be given an account on that system.  To activate your account and receive your password, go to the Desk Operations Group (DOG) office, Engineering Building room 82-01 and show your student ID.

If you need a computer account beyond those provided automatically, then contact the Computer Action Team (CAT) for assistance (

If you encounter problems with your account(s), then email or call 503-725-5420. If you have problems with a particular computer-based tool, consult your instructor or his/her T.A.

FAB security access and keys for ECE spaces

To enter FAB outside the normal “open-door” hours, you need a PSU picture ID badge. Likewise, to access a special lab or a project workshop that is kept locked, you need the appropriate badge access or brass key. The steps to obtain these are as follows:

Building Access with ID Badge

  1. You need to get a PSU picture ID “badge” at window 9 in Neuberger Hall lobby.  The PSU ID will have a “badge” number assigned and we need that number to allow after hours access to FAB.
  2. Visit MCECS Student Services (EB 100) and request “24/7” outdoor key access.
  3. Within five business days, after hours door access to FAB will be available.  Access is allowed through the Fourth Avenue and Harrison Street entrance by passing your PSU ID badge near the black square with keypad on the wall near the door.  

Lab Access with ID Badge

If you need access to specific labs outside those for general student use, you must obtain permission from the lab owner. The lab owner, usually a member of the faculty, will request access on your behalf. Please provide the faculty with both your PSU ID number and bage access number when making the request.

Room Access with a Brass Key

  1. Pick up Key-Request form from the ECE office (FAB 160), fill it out, and return the form to the ECE office. Please provide information regarding the suite and room access requested and faculty that has authorized access.
  2. REMOVE - no fee to pick up, just to replace. PSU cashier’s office will bill your student account the required deposit(s).  (Note: these deposits will be returned upon request, after you turn in your keys). 
  3. Within five business days, key(s) will be available the Facilities and Planning office on the Second floor of the University Services Building (USB 202: entrance on Montgomery between Sixth and Broadway).  You will need to present a picture id to claim your key(s).