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Capstone Poster Competition

ECE and MCECS has sponsored a Capstone Poster Competition for the last five years to showcase the final projects of our Electrcial and Computer Engineering seniors.  The links below are PDF files of the top three posters from our previous competitions.  The competition for this year will be held on June 5th.

Winners for 2014

"Situational Awareness Fault-finder Extension (SAFE)" sponsored by Intel
Nikolas Davis, Cuc Duong, Tuan Hoang, Matthew Stehr
Advised by Dr. Marek Perkowski and Prof. Mark Faust

"Parametric Fault Isolation Tester (PFIT)" sponsored by Intel
Gary Davis, Phuong Ho, Nicholas Klein, Padmashree Patil, Benjamin Schwarz
Advised by Dr. Robert Daasch

"Fitness Self-Assessment Tool (FSAT)" sponsored by Intel
Phuc Nguyen, Thanh Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Truong Pham, Thuy Tran
Advised by Dr. Marek Perkowski and Prof. Mark Faust

Winners for 2013

Best Overall Project
"Wireless Distress Signal Emitter" sponsored by Sashimi Apps
Yousef AlBadr, Richard Bernard, Punya Jain, Torn Saelee
Advised by Dr. Yih-Chyun (Y.C.) Jenq

Best Poster/Presentation
"You Watch My Stuff" sponsored by Intel
Raed Alkhaldi, Hussain Alsaffar, Richard Atwood, Amrutha Doosa, Andy Duran
Advised by Dr. Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Most Creative/Imaginative Solution
"Distributed Sensor Infrastructure" sponsored by Sansgrid (Intel)
Matthew Branstetter, Camille Huffman, Vernon Jones, Ashley Murray, Kane Tyler
Advised by Prof. Roy Kravitz

Winners for 2012

Best Overall Project
"Home Healthcare Alert System" sponsored by EmbedRF
Jules Alfani, Maisee Brown, Huy Huynh, Krishnakumar Ramkumar
Advised by Dr. Martin Siderius

Best Poster/Presentation
"Speech Pattern Recognition and Analysis" sponsored by C+ Health
John Chhokar, Tam Hoang, Duong Nguyen
Advised by Dr. Don Duncan

Most Creative/Imaginative Solution
"EHV Transmission Line Optimization" sponsored by Power Engineers
Ahmed Al Mulhim, Buck Fife, Matthew Kent
Advised by Dr. Robert Bass

Winners for 2011

Best Overall Project
"TIU Tracking System" sponsored by Intel
Daniel Ferguson, Man Hoang, Dung Le, Lynh Pham, Tri Truong
Advised by Dr. Rob Daasch

Best Poster/Presentation
"Impact of Electric Vehicle Level II Charging on Transformers" sponsored by PacifiCorp
Ali Alali, Jason Dennis, Gebrehiywot Mengistu, Muhamed Shire, Stephan Williams
Advised by Dr. Branimir Pejcinovic

Most Creative/Imaginative Solution
"Mobile Environment Chamber" sponsored by Intel
The Duong, Peter Elabd
Advised by Dr. Faryer Etesami (MME)

Winners for 2010

1st Place
"Single Head Galvo Driver Board" sponsored by ESI
Matthew Blackmore, Shaun Oschner, Hoa Quach, Eric Sorensen
Advised by Dr. Branimir Pejcinovic

2nd Place
"Photovoltaic Sunflower" sponsored by OMSI
Michael Bradfield, Linden Rogers, Caroline Stepnowski
Advised by Dr. Christof Teuscher

3rd Place
"Labview VI for Interfacing with Tek MSO Scope" sponsored by Tektronix
David Ardito, Jinho Park, David Richoux, Calen Uhlig
Advised by Dr. Garrison Greenwood

Winners for 2009

1st Place
"Optical Elastography of Skin" sponsored by OHSU
Tim Chairet, Andrew Chuinard, Forest Kernan, Eric Lochbrunner
Advised by Dr. Lisa Zuk

2nd Place
"Cell Phone Based Underwater Acoustic Autonomous Data Logging System" sponsored by The Nature Conservancy
Amra Ljucevic, Emily Smith, Minjun Zhuo
Advised by Dr. Martin Siderius

3rd Place
"Solar Café Table" sponsored by OMSI
Nikolay Demchenko, Scott Harrison, Matthew Stark, Kristopher Womack
Advised by Dr. Christof Teuscher