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Capstone and Digital Systems Laboratory


The Capstone & Digital Systems Lab has two primary functions: 1) supporting senior capstone projects with test equipment, soldering stations, and tools, and 2) providing instruments and hardware for digital circuit lab courses. The lab consists of twelve test benches, along with a dedicated area with workbenches for soldering and assembly of student projects. In addition to standard instruments like mixed-signal oscilloscopes, function generators, digital multimeters, and DC power supplies, the test benches also have specialized boards for FPGA and DSP development. An LCD-projector and whiteboard are available for making presentations.


FAB 60-04


All Benches

  • Oscilloscope (1000 or 500 MHz, 4 ch analog + 16 ch digital)
  • Arbitrary Function Generator (240 MHz)
  • Digital Multimeter (5.5 digit)
  • DC Power Supply (Triple output)
  • Computer

Some Benches

  • FPGA development board
  • DSP development board
  • Soldering stations and tools


Phillip Wong