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MCC Reservations

Our Collective Agreement

    • PSU students are at the center of our work. 
    • Community growth depends on the inclusion of every individual voice. 
    • We respect others and ourselves. 
    • Our goal is not to agree, but rather, to gain a deeper understanding.
    • No alcohol or drugs on the premises or in the body.
    • We do not tolerate hate speech, derogatory language/actions, or oppressive language/actions.
    • We reserve the right to refuse service if the collective agreement is not met or upheld.


    We seek to collaborate with students, community partners, university units, and student organizations. Events are developed collaboratively with event organizers and the Cultural Resource Centers Leadership Team. Collaborations require the following components: active student leaders, 4 meeting times with all parties, and shared budgets and resources. Collaborations are meaningful and connect with our mission. Requests to collaborate are competitive (only a few are selected each academic year) and require that you draft a proposal for consideration. To allow for time to plan, collaborations must be established at least 6 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place. In some cases, for larger events, we may ask for more time. Cultural Resource Centers' logos are placed on all publicity materials. Learn more by visiting our Collaborations Form.


    Reserve the Multicultural Student Center

    Check our space availability below.

    *Please note that times below include a mandatory 30 minute set-up and 30 minute clean-up cushion before and after all events.