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Reserving The Multicultural Center


The Multicultural Center is available for Reservation. However, reservaton of the center falls under certain guidlines please familairze your self below with those guidelines with the link below. 



Cultural Centers Rights and Responsibilities

Mission The mission of the Cultural Centers is to create a PSU student-centered inclusive

environment that enriches the university experience. We honor diversity, explore social justice

issues, celebrate cultural traditions, and foster student identities, success and leadership.


The link to reserve the MCC is as follows:

Collective Agreement

  • We keep PSU students at the center of our work
  • Community growth depends on the inclusion of every individual voice
  • We respect others and ourselves
  • Our goal is not to agree, but rather, gain a deeper understanding
  • No alcohol or drugs
  • Hate speech, derogatory or oppressive language or actions are not tolerated


  • Space and furniture are open for everyone to use
  • Space will be returned to default settings
  • Event meets Cultural Center’s mission
  • Event is PSU student-centered
  • Event is open to the public
  • Event agenda and activities seek to include all Cultural Center users
  • Computer lab must be open and accessible to all Cultural Center users
  • Food served must be accessible to all Cultural Center users
  • Events and planned activities are open for all Cultural Center users
  • Space is reserved at least 2 weeks before event takes place

Non- Reservations

  • Activities do not interfere with daily operations
  • Default set-up is used
  • No amplified sound/ audio unless there is consensus is reached by Cultural Center users
  • Group activities are limited to small groups or no more than 2 tables


  • Cultural Center logo must be placed on all public relations used for event
  • Students, Staff and Community Team members are included in all stages of planning
  • Failing to agree with these Rights and Responsibilities will forfeit your right to use the Cultural Centers. 

Maximum Set-Up Capacity for Multicultural Center


The maxium occupancy for the MCC - 204 Persons