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Diversity and Multicultural Student Services
Welcome to Diversity and Multicultural Student Services (D.M.S.S)

Diversity and Multicultural Student Services (D.M.S.S) mission is to build and strengthen a sustainable, educationally diverse and co-curricular environment where all students have the access and support they need to achieve their educational goals. 

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Diversity & Multicultural Student Services Annual Report [2013 -2014]

Diversity & Multicultural Student Services Organizational Chart [2014-2015]


We will accomplish this mission by providing structured support services to student populations whose access, retention, academic success, and graduation are most challenged by social and historical factors and contemporary inequities.  We will provide a student-centered inclusive environment that enriches the university experience and engages both families and the community. D.M.S.S is a unit within Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. There are five main departments within the D.M.S.S unit: Pre-College (TRiO), Student Support Services (TRiO), Retention Programs, the Disability Resource Center and the Cultural Resource Centers. We also have one facility, the Native American Student and Community Center. You can find information on each department in the green bar at the top of the page. 

Our goals are:


  1. Develop more pathways to student success.
  2. Enhance civic engagement through partnerships.
  3. Improve or build new community relationships.
  4. Maintain a student centered and inclusive environment.
  5. Continue to support students in an increasingly global environment.
  6. Improve Communication.


DMSS Leadership Team:

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