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Welcome to Global Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion at PSU is celebrated and supported by a new, central office called Global Diversity and Inclusion that includes both the Office of Equity & Compliance and the Office of Diversity Advocacy.

We're guided by a vision of a campus infused with a commitment to diversity and inclusion; where faculty, staff, and students see diversity as an integral part of academic excellence; where open and rich communications are commonplace; and where all cultural differences are appreciated and embraced. 

What We Do

Global Diversity and Inclusion offers support, information and advice to the Portland State community on how to work to make our campus a welcoming place for everyone. We play an important role in campus leadership promoting equity and inclusion. We recognize the importance of partnering with all offices, programs, departments, campus leaders and our local and international communities in furthering the university's strategic plan regarding global excellence.


 GDI's Mission is to create a positive campus climate that celebrates diversity, builds partnerships, promotes equity, and supports  the entire campus community.  


 GDI's Vision is to promote the value diversity brings to the campus by helping to create an inclusive and culturally respectful university environment. 


Contact Information

Contact Us | 503.725.5919 | Office: MCB 830 (1600 SW 4th Ave, Suite 830, Portland, OR 97201)

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