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Since arriving this summer I have discovered many so many things that validate my decision to come to Portland State. Since my days as a campus leader at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I have heard great things about Portland State, especially its longtime commitment to community engagement: "Letting knowledge serve the city." Now I’m getting the chance to see for myself the exceptional quality of our faculty and students; the impressive array of centers and institutes doing important and groundbreaking work; and the vast network of connections tying the work of the college to the vitality of our city, state, region and nation.

Looking ahead, I believe CUPA will continue to  leverage its strengths, expanding programs and increase connectivity within our own college and campus, as well as with the broader community. We will adopt an entrepreneurial approach to our work,  seeking out opportunities to enhance our impact and expand our support.  A priority of mine this  year is to tell the story of CUPA, to spread far and wide the word about the amazing accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni to our friends and partners.

Through this website, you will learn about our academic programs, our research capabilities, and our aspirations and achievements in urban affairs and policy. I invite you to learn about or College and to consider furthering your education and/or partnering with us to advance our community, region and state. 

Stephen Percy