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Spring 2012 E-Newsletter




New project tracks regional indicators for success

Imagine a region that makes its major decisions based on data gathered consistently from reliable sources and feedback collected directly from its community. What potential impact could citizens play in shaping the future of the place they call home? Read More


Professor and students make a classroom in the least likely of places

Staggering incarceration rates in the U.S. has caught the attention not only of lawmakers and citizens, but also the academic world. With an increased interest in the study of the criminal justice system, universities are finding new and innovative ways to approach this issue. Read More


Students collaborate on Latino Public Market

Each year, as part of the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program, students complete a community-based capstone project. This past spring as their workshop, a group of four students worked with the Hacienda Community Development Corporation to create a feasibility study to gauge the viability of a Latino public market in Portland. Read More

This e-newsletter is a publication of the Office of the Dean of the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University.

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