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Second Annual Teaching Awards

This past June the College was pleased to award the second annual College of Urban and Public Affairs Teaching Awards, an honor decided entirely by surveying current students. This year's recipients teach diverse subject matter and varying class levels in each of the College's three schools, but are united in a shared dedication to their students and the level of academic excellence at Portland State.

Please join us in congratulating this group of outstanding faculty for their work during the 2012-2013 academic year.



     Lindsay Desrochers (Public Administration)

“Dr. Desrochers is very passionate about her work and it shows through in her curriculum and teaching.  She offers motivation to all her students and encourages us to work hard to learn the material.  Her assignments are practical and useful and offer insight into the real-world workings of the sector.  She actively encourages us to move forward in our careers, often offer suggestions on employment opportunities and positions where students would make a good fit. She cares about her students’ success both in the class and outside.”


Chris Shortell (Political Science) 

“Professor Shortell has all the qualities of an outstanding professor: he is passionate about the subjects he teaches, he is an engaging lecturer, his assignments are well-designed and challenging, and he gives significant feedback. He demands hard work, but he puts so much effort into his classes that nothing ever feels like busy work. I've never worked harder for good grades then I have in his classes, and I've never felt a greater sense of academic achievement than I do when I get back a good score on one of his exams.”



     Lisa Bates (Urban Studies & Planning) 

“Professor Bates is both an extremely knowledgeable instructor and an excellent academic advisor. What I've always appreciated about her is that she has tons of experience in the field and relates that to what we learn in class. Professor Bates is the best at making sure everyone understands the material and feels comfortable discussing it in class. She truly made an impact on the success I've had in this program, and I am grateful to be graduating with her as my ally.”



Emily Salisbury (Criminology & Criminal Justice)

“Dr. Salisbury is an outstanding professor because of the passion and care she displays for both the academic material and her students. She challenges her students and tries to help push their limits to improve the quality of their academic work. In addition, Dr. Salisbury takes the time to get to know her students and help them identify academic strengths and weaknesses and then encourages them to find ways to improve upon any weaknesses.”



 Richard Lockwood (Community Health)

“Dr. Lockwood brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him into his classroom.  His teaching styles are fluid yet comprehensive.  He’s able to relate necessary information to students in a variety of different styles.  As a student, we are likely to forget a lot of the information we read in college, but Dr. Lockwood makes the content of his class stick in your head…maybe for forever.  I like that he is able to control the classroom and set strict boundaries and guidelines.  His exams are also useful learning tools.  I took 3 of his classes offered at PSU and I consider him my favorite professor at PSU by far.”