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Our Three Schools

The Power of Three

We have a unique advantage: three schools—urban planning, community health, and government—under one roof.

And just outside our door, in one of the world's most innovative urban regions, our students and faculty fuse theory and practice into solutions for the common good.

We're strategically located in the center of downtown Portland--a thriving urban area in a state where land-use planning, transportation, environmental aspects of urban growth, community policing, low-income housing, solid waste recycling, and community engagement are a model for the nation.  This urban location provides the perfect applied lab for the college's groundbreaking work on government, health, and planning issues.  Here's an introduction to how the college's three schools address the challenges of urban living.

Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning

The Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning is the nation's oldest continuously operating instructional program in urban studies.  Graduates can be found in public, private, and non-profit planning offices throughout North America and around the globe.  The mission of the school is to assist in the development of healthy communities through an interdisciplinary program of teaching, research and public service.


Mark O. Hatfield School of Government

The Mark O. Hatfield School of Government is one of the largest public policy schools in the country. Students participate in highly acclaimed programs in public administration, non-profit management, public health, political science, and criminology/criminal justice.  The mission of the school is to attract, prepare, and renew leaders and managers for public service and non-profit service.  Faculty and students of the Hatfield School of Government are involved in projects that involve public policy and administration, civic leadership, and criminal justice.


School of Community Health

The School of Community Health offers programs for professional careers in health education, health promotion, and a variety of health-related fields.  The mission of the school is to promote the public's health and well-being through multidisciplinary education, research, and service.


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