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Faculty & Student Achievements Winter 2014

Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning

Gerry Sussman, Urban Studies and Planning and International Studies faculty, on Dec. 4 was interviewed by a Russian television news station, RTTV, about the United States and European Union economic interests in the political protests in Ukraine.

Carl Abbott, Urban Studies and Planning emeritus faculty, authored two recent articles: “Science Fiction Cities” published in Deletion: The Open Access Online Forum in Science Fiction, Episode 2, December 2013; and “Distributed Cities” published in Clarkesworld: Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, No. 88, January 2014.  Professor Abbott was aslo a guest on OPB's Think Out Loud discussing Oregon's Land Use Laws. 

Nathan McClintock, Urban Studies faculty, was lead author on an article, titled “Urban Livestock Ownership, Management, and Regulation in the United States: An Exploratory Survey and Research Agenda,” published in the journal Land Use Policy, May 2014. Professor McClintock and PSU alumna Rebecca Bodoyni talked with Oregon Business Magazine about Oregon's food deserts. 

Jason Jurjevich, Urban Studies faculty, appeared on KGW to share theories on why people migrate to Portland.  Professor Jurjevich and Meg Merrick, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, also received a $49,635 National Science Foundation-funded subcontract grant for a project, titled "A User Study of Techniques for Geovisualizing Uncertainty in Survey Data for Urban Planning." The study involves the design of a user-driven computer-based experiment with planning students and professionals in the Portland metropolitan area to assess the extent to which planners make use of uncertainty in geovisualized census data for policy-related decision making.

Portland State's transportation research and education center has earned a $2.83 million federal grant to expand the National Institute for Transportation and Communities.

Several Toulan School Faculty members contributed to the NPR piece: State of the RE:UNION; Portland, OR: A Tale of Two Cities

School of Community Health

Paula Carder, Institute on Aging faculty, received a $50,000 grant from the Oregon Health Authority to evaluate an affordable housing with services demonstration project in four Portland high-rise buildings.  Paula Carder, Institute on Aging faculty, contributed a chapter to the book Grounded Theory and Situational Analysis, edited by Kathy Charmaz & Adele Clarke and published by Sage.

Nathalie Huguet has been selected to receive the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Young Investigator Research Award for 2014 based on her AFSP-funded study, "Epidemiology of Undetermined Death: Prevalence and Patterns of Misclassified Suicides." 

Judith Sobel presented in October at the Innovations in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Prevention in Kids, a weeklong series of educational events hosted by 3M and Dangerous Decibels in St. Paul, Minn..

The Institute on Aging's Action plan was accepted by the City of Portland

Hatfield School of Government

Sherril Gelmon, Public Administration faculty, made three presentations with colleagues at the International Association on Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement conference in Omaha this November: “Creating Evidence of Institutional Engagement: Why Haven’t We Figured It Out Yet?”; “Enhancing the Impact of Community-Engaged Scholarship: Evaluation of”; and “Innovations in Peer Review: Expanding the Boundaries for Community Engaged Scholarship.”  Professor Gelmon also presented “Evaluating the Implementation of the Primary Care Home in Oregon: Community-level Health Reform” at the annual American Public Health Association meeting in Boston in November.

Phil Cooper, Public Administration faculty, spoke to KATU news about the Debt Ceiling.

Richard Clucas, Political Science faculty, was an invited participant on a roundtable panel discussing “New Directions and Challenges for Political Science Professional Associations” at the annual meeting of the Southern Political Science Association in New Orleans, Jan. 9. He participated in his capacity as the executive director of the Western Political Science Association. 

Bruce Gilley, Political Science faculty, was an invited speaker at the conference on humanitarian diplomacy, organized by Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Istanbul, Dec. 3-4. Professor Gilley also authored a research article, “Did Bush Democratize the Middle East? The Effects of External-Internal Linkages,” published in the winter 2013-14 issue of the journal Political Science Quarterly.

Kevin Kecskes, Public Administration faculty, with a colleague presented “Engaging Departments for Institutional Transformation” at the University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, Texas, Nov. 20-21.

Jack Corbett, Public Administration faculty, co-authored “Can Organizations Learn? Exploring a Shift from Conflict to Collaboration” published in the journal The George Wright Forum, Vol. 30, December 2013.

Masami Nishishiba, Matthew Jones, Hatfield School faculty; and Mariah Kraner, doctoral candidate in Public Affairs and Policy, co-authored a book "Research methods and statistics for public and nonprofit administrators: A practical guide" from Sage Publications. 

In September, scholars, students, and practitioners affiliated with the Hatfield School of Government and the Center for Public Service presented at the "3rd International Conference on Government Performance Management and Leadership" held at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. In 2011, PSU hosted the 2nd conference, after the 1st was held at the Lanzhou School of Management in Lanzhou, China. Future conferences are planned for in both Lanzhou and in Hanoi, Vietnam, the latter organized by the 4th key partner in this effort, the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration.