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College of Urban & Public Affairs Teaching Awards

Please join us in congratulating the inaugural group of outstanding faculty to receive the College of Urban and Public Affairs Teaching Awards for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Greg Schrock – Community Development, Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning

"Professor Schrock is a skillful lecturer whose ease in delivering cogent information-packed lectures equals or exceeds that of many seasoned professors with decades of experience.  He managed to engage me week after week in a subject that I originally had little interest in.  I gained an extremely useful perspective that I am sure will inform my future work in planning."





Claire Wheeler - Community Health, School of Community Health

"Dr. Wheeler is not only incredibly intelligent and well-rounded in the health field, she knows how to convey and express her knowledge in a manner that is unbiased and understandable to those who are just learning. She makes college enjoyable and has greatly enhanced my own college experience. I will embark on my health career looking up to her with the goal to touch lives in such remarkable ways as she has."




Robert Lockwood - Criminology & Criminal Justice, Hatfield School of Government

"Professor Lockwood is one of those people that you don't come across very often. He truly cares about each and every one of the students. He spends enormous amounts of time with students, and then spends extra time on the weekend getting other things done. He is always very supportive of students and understands how stressful the educational process can be."






Craig Carr - Political Science, Hatfield School of Government

"Professor Carr is a dying breed of professor. His lectures are articulate, humorous, and compelling. He continues to hold his students to high standards. Though his courses are intentionally challenging, Professor Carr willingly takes extra time to help struggling students. He has an eye for outstanding students and makes an effort to reach out to them so as to keep them engaged."




Phillip Cooper - Public Administration, Hatfield School of Government

"To say that Dr. Cooper is a knowledgeable practitioner and a competent professor would be an incredible understatement. Dr. Cooper possesses the gift of using his expertise and experience to inspire rather than intimidate, to teach rather than lecture. While he sets high expectation, he ensures his students are prepared with the knowledge and the tools to meet them. "