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About CUPA

The College of Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA) is the only place of its kind in the United States: a college that joins three cornerstone disciplines of contemporary life—urban studies, community health, and government—under one roof. CUPA embodies in all of its programs the PSU motto: Let Knowledge Serve the City. Faculty within each of the three schools are engaged in local, regional, national and international issues, and they involve students directly in the research and service projects they pursue. Our students learn and apply their skills in the dynamic urban center of Portland, Oregon, collaborating with community organizations, imagining original solutions and implementing them in real time. Students often comment that they can't tell where the campus ends and the city begins.

CUPA's programs intersect in exciting ways that invite and nurture problem-solving and creativity. 
Upon graduation, our students are equipped to improve the livability of their communities. 

Come to CUPA and work for a better world for all.