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High School Senior Inquiry Program

High School Senior Inquiry is an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort between University and High school faculty. Completion of full 3-term sequence transfers in the Oregon University system as:

  • 3 credits Freshman Writing (Writing 121 in Oregon)
  • 4 credits Social Science
  • 4 credits Science (exception: Oregon State University requires a lab science course)
  • 4 credits Arts and Letters

Senior Inquiry is at five High schools (Liberty, Jefferson, Marshall Pauling, Marshall RA, and Westview) in three districts (Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Portland Public Schools).

At PSU, through the University Studies Program, one PSU faculty member works cooperatively with a team of high school teachers to lead students in inquiry-based courses.  Three CSE faculty members including one current Noyce Scholar are currently conducting research on this program with a goal of improving the effectiveness of this approach to preparing students for college level science.

For more information contact:

Melissa S. Pirie
Senior Inquiry Coordinator
University Studies 
Portland State University
Cramer Hall 137