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Center for Science Education Course Offering

SCI 510
Approaches to Teaching Scientific Inquiry and Engineering Design (4)
Examination of pedagogical theories related to teaching science and engineering.  Students learn how to engage learners in the process of scientific inquiry and engineering design through exposure to research based theories of practice and by personally experiencing developing, implementing and assessing inquiry-based and engineering design projects.  For more information, contact Melissa Potter.

SCI 510
Methods of Science Education Research (4)
Background needed for formal and informal educators to conduct research in their own classroom, school, or informal science institution (e.g. museum, nature center).  The final outcome for this course will be a proposal which will form the framework for a science education research project or thesis.    For more information, contact Cary Sneider.

SCI 510
Assessment of Student Achievement in Science (4)
Introduction to the practice of assessing student achievement in three types of stated learning outcomes, Cognitive (Knowledge), Affective: (Attitude) and Psychomotor: (Skills). The course will emphasize both formative and summative assessments that are student-centered, reliable and valid, strongly linked to learning outcomes and pedagogically embedded in classroom instruction.    For more information, contact Melissa Potter