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Admission to the MST Program

Program Entrance Requirements

All applicants to the MST program must either have a Bachelors of Science or Arts degree from an accredited college or a degree that is equivalent to Portland State University's Liberal Studies, General Science degree. Please refer to the PSU bulletin General Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies description to determine if your degree meets the requirements for admission to the MST program.

Professional experience in teaching and in the sciences will be considered and applicants with suitable experience may possibly be "conditionally" accepted to the MST program. Those applicants lacking a degree in science will be required to take supplemental science courses either prior to formal admission to the program or during the first year of the two years program. Students with less then 12 credits left to earn in order to qualify for the program will be required to take additional courses during the first year of the program. The MST Admissions Committee makes this decision.

A minimum of a 3.0 GPA is required for consideration of acceptance to this program.

The CSE adheres to the Office of Admissions' graduate student policies regarding admission, enrollment policies, credit regulations, academic standing, and academic honesty. Students should also familiarize themselves with the General Requirements for Graduate Degrees, as described in the Portland State University Admission website at:

Graduate application forms can be found at the above link. Click link, then click orange "Apply for Admission" button!

General Requirements for Admission to the MST Program

  • Departmental Application Form
  • One official transcript from every college or university attended, including PSU, junior colleges and community colleges
  • Resume
  • Letter of Intent: Entering the MST Program requires forethought, including an understanding of student goals and how they can be met through the MST program. These thoughts should be laid out in a one to two page letter of intent.
  • Two letters of recommendation from a faculty member, community partner and/or workplace associate. The person writing the letter of recommendation should include how long they have known the applicant and in what context. Skills they may wish to address are: Leadership Skills, Initiative/Motivation, Written Communication Skills, Oral Communication Skills, Scholastic Achievement in Field, Group Process Skills, Creativity, Responsibility and Teaching Skills (if pertinent).  SEND DIRECTLY TO STEPHANIE WAGNER.


MST Inquires

Please contact MST program coordinator Stephanie Wagner at 503-725-8345 or for more information about the MST program. If you are interested in exploring whether or not this program will suit your professional development needs or if you want to discuss whether or not you have the educational background suitable for acceptance to the program, she would be more then happy to meet with you either in person or on the phone. Please call or email for an appointment.

All CSE departmental application materials should be sent to:

Stephanie Wagner, MST Program Coordinator
Portland State University
Center for Science Education
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

If an incomplete application is submitted to the CSE, it is the applicant's responsibility to follow up to complete the application and to periodically contact Stephanie Wagner to ensure that the materials have been received by the department.