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On Campus Violence

Suspicious/Armed Person:

If an armed or threatening intruder comes on to Portland State University (PSU) it is very important that faculty, staff, and students report it immediately.

  • Get to a safe and secure area.
  • Call 911.
  • Try and remain calm so you can give an accurate description of the person or person(s). Be prepared to give a description: type of dress, height, weight, sex, and any other characteristics/physical items that are particular to the individual(s). Report the direction of travel or building entered.
  • Do not attempt to apprehend or interfere with the suspect except in case of self-protection.

Initiate shelter in place “S.T.A.Y” procedures.

S: Secure your area, lock doors and windows, close blinds, prevent suspect from accessing victims.

T: Take cover, hide, stay out of sight

A: Advise others so that they can take steps to protect themselves; await further information.

Y: You must take measures to protect your safety.

If you are caught in an open or exposed area and you cannot get into a classroom or office look for a safe and secure hiding area. Once in place try and remain calm. Stay hidden until you can make contact with emergency personnel. Follow the instructions of emergency responders.

Be aware that the 911 system will likely be overwhelmed. Program the Campus Public Safety Office Emergency line (503-725-4404) and the PSU ALERT number (877-725-9111) into your cell phone.