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Lost & Found

The Campus Public Safety Office (CPSO) is a resource for persons that have misplaced valuable and crucial items on the Portland State University Campus. Valuable items are defined as items having a value of over $50. Crucial items are defined as items with personal information (i.e. perscriptions, wallets, purses, keys, cell phones, etc.)  that will require CPSO to attempt to notify the owner of lost property.

Storage Policy: Items that are considered either crucial or valuable will be held for 120 days. After 120 days these items will be taken to PSU Surplus Property for final disposition. Items that are brought into CPSO that are not considered crucial or valuable will be held informally for 24 hours. After such time, these items are given to Surplus Property. Click these links to go to the Surplus website: or

Information for Buildings: Locations where items are frequently left, including the Student Recreation Center, the Stott Center, and the Library, among others, may decide to retain property pursuant to their individual practices and uses. This could include lost and found procedures designed for their unique uses, experiences and customer expectations. CPSO employees will make every effort to assist persons who have lost or mislaid property by courteously providing directions and guidance. These efforts could include directing them to the building and location in which the property was lost.

Stop by the Dispatch window at Shattuck Hall 1914 SW Park, Suite 148 Portland, OR 97201

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