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Letter from Phillip Zerzan,

Director of Campus Public Safety

Welcome to Campus Public Safety at Portland State University!

The Campus Public Safety Office provides 24/7 patrol and dispatch services to the university community.

Officers and telecommunicators play an integral role in keeping Portland State University a safe place to learn and live. Being located in a busy urban environment helps contribute to the student experience as well as presenting many challenges for Campus Public Safety.

Campus Public Safety Officers and Campus Police are first responders to emergency events on campus. Whether this is students in crisis, or criminal activity impacting the community, we work with our community partners as well as our university partners to reduce the impact.

Our Campus Police Detective trained in sexual assault investigations has expanded our ability to provider a survivor centered, compassionate response that includes advocacy services.

As our office continues to develop professionally we stand ready to address the increasingly complex task of policing a modern urban university.


Phillip J. Zerzan


Campus Public Safety