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PSU Alerts & Timely Warnings

When the Campus Public Safety Office learns of crimes covered by the Clery Act, it will consider whether to issue a campus-wide “timely warning” about the threat.  A “timely warning” may be issued if, in the judgment of the Director of the Campus Public Safety Office or the University Vice President of Finance and Administration, a crime or potential crime constitutes a serious or continuing threat to the campus community.  Whether to issue a timely warning (and the content of the warning) is decided on a case-by-case basis, considering all the facts, including the nature of the crime, the continuing danger to the campus community, the promotion of safety, and the possible risk of compromising law enforcement efforts.

Timely warnings may be issued in a variety of methods, depending on the circumstances of the crime.  These can include:

  • Campus Wide E-Mail – Disseminated by University News and Communication at the direction of the Chief of Campus Public Safety and the Vice President of Finance and Administration.
  • PSU Campus Announcement System – via myPSU Portal under the “Daily Messages” channel.
  • Printed Notice – when appropriate may be posted at campus locations affected by the emergency.
  • Website Posting – public safety issues of on-going concern to the campus community are posted on the Campus Public Safety Office web site, under Timely Warnings.
  • Local Media – may also be provided information when the risk of harm in a particular incident can reasonably be expected to extend to off-campus areas.

If any other significant emergency or dangerous situation occurs on campus that, in the judgment of the Director of the Campus Public Safety Office or the University Vice President of Finance and Administration, creates an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees, or otherwise warrants a notification, an “emergency notification” will be issued.  For example, emergency notifications may include notices of a fire, gas leak, or an outbreak of a communicable disease, as well as a notice of a Clery-reportable crime.   An emergency notification will be sent to the areas of campus subject to the threat.  This may include part or all of the campus, or may be rolling as the threat changes.  Emergency notifications will be broadcast via the PSU-Alert system.  PSU may also use the other means of notification described above to effectively notify the campus community.  Further information about emergency notifications is included in the 'Emergency Response & Evacuation Procedures' section of the Campus Security Report.

PSU encourages all students, faculty and staff to sign up for the PSU-Alert system by logging into





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