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Alcohol & Drug Policies

Alcohol Use Policy

As part of its educational mission, the University is committed to providing an environment, which promotes academic, social, and personal development and recognizes that faculty and staff all contribute to learning. The University holds the belief that the illegal use and abuse of alcohol, and the use of illegal drugs, poses a direct threat to its learning environment.

For students and employees over the age of 21, alcohol is a legal drug. While any moral implication of drinking are matters of personal choice, not policy, the University is committed to the promotion of an environment in which alcohol abuse is discouraged, the responsible use of alcohol is permitted, and the choice to drink is socially acceptable. This commitment will be the guiding factor in determining whether, and under what conditions, alcoholic beverages will be served at University-sponsored events. The University recognizes that the irresponsible use of alcohol places the individual and the community at a greater risk for injury, health problems, and other damage. Alcohol use is not an excuse for infringing on the rights of others or damaging University property. The University will pursue sanctions for alcohol-related misconduct, which may include requirements for seeking appropriate assistance for alcohol-related abuse.

Alcohol use by individuals under 21 is illegal, and this law will be enforced. Alcohol use on University-owned property and grounds is prohibited without the approval from the Vice Provost and Dean for Enrollment and Student Services (or designee), and the Vice President for Finance and Administration (or designee) for student events and the Vice President for Finance and Adminstration for all other events.

Guidelines for obtaining this approval and other provisions for serving alcoholic beverages are outlined on the "Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic Beverages." All requests should be completed 15 days prior to the event for full consideration. A copy of the request approval must be posted at the event. It is strongly encouraged that promotional materials of events where alcohol will be available include notification that alcohol and non-alcohol alternatives will be served. This permits participants to take appropriate precautions, for example, not bringing children to the event, or not attending the event if they are in recovery and feel this may threaten their ability to maintain sobriety.

It is the express policy of Portland State University to prohibit alcoholic consumption by employees, officers, or volunteers during normal working hours (or when performing normal job duties). Any exceptions to this provision will/must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Finance and Administration (or designee). Any behavioral problems resulting from the use of drugs/alcohol during normal working hours will be addressed as part of the disciplinary process.

All dispensing of alcoholic beverages at University-sponsored events held on or off-campus or community-sponsored events held on University property shall conform to provisions of applicable State, County, City, and University rules, directives and policies. This includes conforming to ALL licensing requirements directed by OLCC and coordinating with the OLCC license holder. Anyone providing his or her own alcoholic beverages is also subject to all policies and directives.

Events promoted in terms that suggest the primary focus of the event is to consume alcoholic beverages (e.g., "kegger") or encourage over-consumption ("all you can drink," "happy hours," "free drinks") are not consistent with the University's philosophy and are prohibited.

Whenever alcoholic beverages are served at University events, a variety of non-alcoholic beverages are to be offered and featured as prominently as the alcoholic beverages. For example, the non-alcoholic beverages will be sufficient and accessible, and presented as attractively as the alcoholic beverages, easily visible, and when possible, at a separate location. At such events, food must be available in quantities reflecting the number of persons to be served. If food or non-alcoholic beverages are no longer available, serving of alcohol will cease. Container sizes/servings will not exceed: one-ounce hard liquor, twelve-ounce beers, and six-ounce wine servings. Alcoholic beverage service will cease 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event's completion time.


Drug Use Policy

The use and sale of illicit drugs by students and employees is strictly prohibited in accordance with federal and state regulations and laws. Any student or employee found to be using, possessing, manufacturing, or distributing controlled substances in violation of the law on University property or at University events may be subject to both administrative disciplinary actions and criminal proceedings. All drug related violations by students on campus (including University facilities managed or owned by College Housing Northwest) and at University sponsored events off campus may be handled under procedures outlined in the Student Conduct Code. The University will take appropriate personnel actions for infractions by employees, up to and including termination. Violations of state and federal laws may be referred to the appropriate authorities.