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Transfer Credit Policy

Any transfer courses must be approved by the program director. If your graduate courses meet the following criteria and you would like to have your course work evaluated, please contact the program coordinator.

  1. Must be letter-graded B- or higher (pass or similar grading methods are not acceptable);
  2. Must not be used for any other degree at any institution;
  3. Must be no older than seven years old at the time the master's degree is awarded;
  4. And must total no more than one third of the required credits for a master's degree program.

This policy applies to coursework taken at all institutions, including Portland State University. Students seeking pre-admission/transfer credit for courses taken at an institution other than PSU must submit official course descriptions and syllabi with their departmental application form.

All pre-admission/transfer credits are evaluated for suitability and are subject to approval by program faculty. Pre-admission/transfer credits are normally evaluated and approved during the application process, thus enabling students to plan their program of study. Program fees are adjusted for students who have approved preadmission transfer credits.

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