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Social Media for Public Service Professionals

As a public or nonprofit professional, you can no longer ignore social media. 

Whether you choose to opt-out of these technologies, fully embrace them, or find a middle ground, this decision is becoming increasingly relevant to our work.

Portland State’s College of Urban and Public Affairs is now offering a 3-credit course which will explore the social media landscape and its influence on our world and provide hands-on training for evaluating and using social media tools in the context of a strategic public engagement program. 

Along with short papers, a final project will consist of developing a comprehensive social media plan for a real organization. If you’ve been waiting to implement such a plan in your workplace, here’s your chance!

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Dates, Times, Locations

The course is offered as a weekend intensive on Friday evenings (6:00 - 9:00 PM) and Saturdays (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM):

  • April 11 and 12
  • May 2 and 3
  • May 16 and 17

Registration Information

This course is offered through the Public Administration Division for three undergraduate (PA 410) or three graduate (PA 510) credits. 

Course Name: Social Media for Public Service Professionals

Instructors: Chris Palmedo and Thomas Frank

Undergraduate Course Number: PA 410

Undergraduate CRN:65673

Graduate Course Number: PA 510

Graduate CRN: 65674

New Students

If you are not currently enrolled at PSU, or have never registered for courses at PSU, you may register as a non-degree student. Students may enroll on a non-degree basis in as many as eight credits per term (fall, winter and spring) and as many as 21 credits in summer.

There are three basic steps:

  1. Create a student account to obtain a student ID number (9xx-xx-xxxx).
  2. Create an ODIN username. Your ODIN ID is what you will use to log into the various PSU systems, including the registration system, Google services, campus wi-fi, etc.
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