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Policies, Procedures and Forms

Course Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy

Drop course 1 week before first course session: 
(Minus textbook fee (if applicable) and $100 administration charge)
100% tuition refund
Drop course before second course session: 
(Minus textbook fee (if applicable) and $100 administration charge)
40% refund
Drop course after second course session:  0% refund

All drops and withdrawals must be processed by Center for Public Service staff. Please notify the Program Coordinator when you need to drop or withdraw from a course. The date used for purposes of granting refunds shall be the date the student notifies the Program Coordinator of their intent to drop.

If a course is cancelled by the Center for Public Service, students will receive a 100% refund with no penalties.

Download the CPS Tuition Refund Policy for applicable refund dates and cancellation policies.


Curricular Change Instructions Form


Online Grading for Faculty Form


Self-Support Course Policy

The courses in the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Leadership Program are self-support courses offered through the Center for Public Service. Tuition and fees for self-support courses are assessed separately from the charges associated with regular courses.

Credits associated with self-support classes do not count toward a student's enrollment status for tuition purposes. Thus, an undergraduate student enrolled in 8 credits of regular classes and a 3-credit self-support class is assessed regular tuition for 8 credits plus the additional course fee for the self-support class.

The costs of self-support courses do not include Incidental or Health Services fees; therefore, students registering only for self-support courses are not eligible to use services supported by Incidental or Health Services fees, including insurance. 

Students enrolled in self-support courses are charged the $41 per term Student Recreation Center fee and will have full access to the Recreation Center and related services.

Students who drop a self-support class after the 100% refund period may owe at least partial fees for the class. See the tuition refund policy below.

If you have any questions about how self-support courses affect you, please contact the Student Accounts office, Neuberger Hall lobby, 503-725-3440.