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Oregon Fellows Potential Placement Opportunities

Home Forward: Community Gardens Project

Create an inventory of where the organization has community gardens and other projects to help address food insecurity and who their partners are for each (e.g., some are just managed by our staff; others involve partnerships). Identify other properties / areas of organization jurisdiction where there is need and opportunity. Perform research on other social housing agencies in the country and internationally who have intentional strategies in this arena. Finally, work with organization in developing a policy, a statement, a strategy, or all of the above that helps to guide the organization and integrates this work into the organization. Spanish or African languages may be helpful, but are not necessary.

City of Brookings: Urban Growth Area Annexation

Oregon planning policy anticipates that an area of land would eventually be incorporated into the City.  Urban development continues to occur in this area, which is placing a service demand on the County that is beyond the capacity of the County to sustain. There has been long-standing political opposition to annexation by many residents.  There are also community identity issues as the area south of the City has come to be known as its own community. The Fellow will investigate: What would be the impact on City staffing/services/facilities if the area were annexed into the City Limits? Would the annexation of the area provide revenues sufficient so that the overall City property tax rate could be reduced?  What are the political issues associated with the annexation of the area and how can political objections be overcome? What impact would annexation have on existing special districts, such as fire, sewer and water?

City of Portland: City Audit Project

Fellow will work with Audit Services staff on current audit projects, including audit planning, data collection, data analysis, and report writing.  Work will be conducted in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) promulgated by the Comptroller General of the United States (available at and using methods of evaluation and feedback consistent with all audit staff.  A background in auditing is not necessary, but a strong history of data collection and data analysis, especially when analysis resulted in a written report, is preferred.

Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has need in the following areas:

  • Strategic Communication Planning: long and short term visioning
  • Marketing : Strategic research and development and refinement of marketing strategies
  • Program Review of the Specialty Crop program: Analysis of projects that were funded and outcomes. This would help guide the funding of future projects.
  • Program Analysis of Program Service Delivery: Whats working, what needs improvement, etc.

Drive Oregon: Economic and Tax Impacts of Electric Vehicle Adoption

Drive Oregon would like to analyze the economic and tax impacts of electric vehicle adoption. Oregonians spend roughly $6 billion on fuel each year, with the vast majority of that money leaving the state. A recent California report found that every dollar not spent on gasoline would create 16 times more jobs in that state. However, we have not yet found any analysis showing the local economic and tax impacts of electric vehicle adoption in Oregon. We expect that this would be done by using available data about the average miles travelled and gas consumed per vehicle, and using an input-output model modeling the impacts of shifting that spending from gasoline to other goods and services. Sensitivity analysis could be done using varying assumptions about mileage, gas prices, electricity prices, offsetting expenses for vehicle financing, etc. Model outputs would include estimated impacts of each electric vehicle purchased and operated on state gas tax revenues, state and local income taxes, employment, and other key indicators. We would expect the Fellow to generate a draft report during their tenure, although final layout and publication might not be possible until after the 10-week period.