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Tapping Tomorrow’s Talent Today: The Oregon Summer Fellows & Hatfield Residency Programs

The 2016 Fellowship cohorts are here!

Follow these links to see Hatfield Fellow  and Oregon Summer candidates.

Program Rationale

These Fellowships are designed to support how we attract and capture the talent, competencies, and diversity needed for renewing public service. Our simple proposition is this:  We strive to assist public service organizations across the Pacific Northwest in renewing themselves with a steady stream of exceptional talent from leading schools of public administration and public policy across the nation.

This high-minded declaration might seem odd, since we are a school of government in our own right whose mission is to educate, shape, and credential existing and future public servants.  Why then would we recruit students from elsewhere to compete with our own? 

First, we want to “repatriate” our lost sons and daughters who have chosen to study outside of Oregon for their advanced degrees.  We suspect they are better for the experience and perspective of leaving home, but we want them back.

Second, we also know that there are many exceptional students in other regions of the country who are drawn to our special place.  We want to provide a beacon and a path to them.

Third, we fervently believe that great talent helps organizations succeed.  And part of our mission is to help public service organizations here to be highly successful.  It’s important today and, likely, shall be even more important in the future.

This is why the Oregon Summer Fellows and Hatfield Resident Fellows programs from Portland State University’s Center for Public Service are both important and timely.  They provide opportunities to public service professionals-in-waiting to take Oregon for a test drive; to sample the lifestyle, get local content on their resume, augment their work experience, and to enlarge their professional network.  At the same time, our sponsors get a low risk (but pretty strategic) way to preview and assess exceptional, innovative, ethical, diverse and contribution-ready talent from a wide range of disciplines.   The potential payoff is best captured in the proverb, “mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”  Both programs are designed around the concept of strategic talent sourcing and aimed at shortening the distance and improving the opportunities for interaction between potential employer and potential employee.

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Interested in becoming one of our 2016 Fellows?

We recruit Fellows from across the nation, from many top universities and across various academic backgrounds with a public service focus. For more information, please visit our prospective fellows page.

Application stage 1 now closed!

Application stage 1 includes information about your educational background and requires an upload of your resume.  Due: January 4, 2016.

More information on the application process (deadlines for each of the stages and decision dates) available on the Application Timeline page.

One letter of recommendation is required with your application.  The instructions for this are included after stage 1 decisions are made.

Interested in sponsoring one of our 2016 Fellows?      

Enlist the intelligence, fresh ideas, and energy of a truly exceptional graduate student passionate about public service to perform an analysis, complete a project, or work on a problem currently facing your organization. Please visit our sponsor page.

Career Service and Placement Professionals

We are happy to arrange conference calls to highlight our Fellowship programs and to take questions from your students!  Please contact us to find out more and be sure to visit our career service and placement professionals page.



George Beard
Program Manager


Sara Friedman
Program Coordinator