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Next Generation Initiative: Oregon Summer & Hatfield Resident Fellowships

2014 Hatfield Fellows Mark Grabow (BA Southern Oregon, MPA Portland State),  

 Shannon Carney (BS Stanford, MPA, Washington), Scott Boardman (BA Clemson, MPA Georgia) and Colleen Caldwell (BS Pittsburgh, MPP Carnegie Mellon) seeking the way for their City of Portland sponsors.


Renewing Public Service 

The professional, administrative, technical and leadership ranks of governmental and nonprofit organizations are being rapidly thinned by accelerating retirements and tight budgets. Meanwhile, the challenges confronting organizations at the local, state, regional, tribal, and national levels have seldom seemed so daunting.   

The future vitality and success of our public institutions depend on attracting and developing exceptional, innovative, ethical, diverse and contribution-ready talent from a wide range of disciplines. That is why Oregon Summer Fellows and Hatfield Resident Fellows from Portland State University’s Center for Public Service are both important and timely.


Not your typical internship! 

This next generation initiative is built upon two cornerstone offerings:  (1) the Oregon Summer Fellowship; (2) the Hatfield Resident Fellowship.  

Both Fellowships recruit masters and doctoral students from leading graduate schools across the United States. For more than a decade, we have recruited exceptional talent from nearly 50 national-class universities including Brandeis, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Emory, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, the London School, Michigan, Princeton, Syracuse, University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Chicago (to name a few). Our Fellows also come from outstanding institutions within our region including Evergreen, Oregon State, University of Oregon, University of Washington, Willamette and, of course, Portland State University.


Best in class, exceptional graduate students! 

The Oregon Summer Fellows are exclusively graduate students typically chosen between their first and second years of graduate study. 

The Hatfield Resident Fellows are all newly minted masters and doctoral grads. 

All are smart, motivated, committed to public service, and seasoned with several years (or more) work experience in fields like public policy, public administration, business administration, teaching, public health, social work, and informational technology and management. 

As Fellows, these outstanding men and women are assigned to sponsor organizations spanning federal, state, and local government, the nonprofit sector, and, occasionally, the private sector.  The Fellows typically work on high-level projects that utilize their strong analytical and strategic skills.


2014 Hatfield Fellow Meghan Doherty (B.A. Lawrence University, M.I.P.A., Wisconsin) 

meets with her sponsor Steve Greenwood from the National Policy Consensus Center

Oregon Summer Fellows (including online application)           

This program is for current graduate students who are enrolled in a Master or Ph.D. program.  Their starting dates span early May through late June, depending on the academic calendar of their university, but in all cases their appointments are for 40 hours per week spread over 10-weeks.  

The simple online application process begins during fall terms with applications due January 23, 2015. Approximately 20 Oregon Summer Fellows will be selected and announced March 1, 2015.  


Hatfield Resident Fellows (including online application)

This program is specifically designed for recent graduates who have completed their Master or Ph.D. program within the last year -- or who will receive their degree by June 30, 2015.  Their appointments are for 32 hours per week spread across 32 active work weeks, beginning July 6, 2015.

The simple online application process begins during fall term with applications due January 23, 2015. Approximately 20 Hatfield Fellows will be selected and announced March 1, 2015. 



An easy way to obtain low-risk, high-impact affordable talent 

These two companion Fellowships deliver the best value when sponsors recognize how well they can work in tandem with each other.  The greatest impact can be achieved when a sponsoring organization initially deploys one or more Oregon Summer Fellows to work on several key projects.  Those who demonstrate high potential and organizational fit can then be invited back the next year upon their graduate studies directly into the Hatfield Residency program.. 


This approach allows the sponsoring organization to recruit and assess potential employees from a national “talent pool” based on real experience and contribution.  For the Fellows it provides an opportunity to understand the mission and assess the culture of a prospective employer while they enhance their qualifications (knowledge, skills, and abilities) and the beginnings of their local professional network.  


Sponsors with a “strategic sourcing” strategy are able to use both Fellowships to field test talented prospective employees who’ve gained invaluable on-site experience, perspective, and relationships that can be levered into a permanent hire.