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Next Generation Initiative: Oregon and Hatfield Resident Fellowships

The torch is passing...

And the time for public service renewal is now upon us.

The leadership and professional ranks of governmental and nonprofit organizations are being rapidly thinned by accelerating retirements and declining budgets. Meanwhile, the challenges confronting organizations at the local, state, regional, tribal and national levels have seldom seemed so daunting.  

The future vitality and success of our public institutions will depend on attracting and developing exceptional, innovative, ethical, and ready leaders.  That’s why Portland State University’s Center for Public Service “Next Generation Initiative (NGI)” is so important.   

This initiative is built upon two cornerstone offerings:  (1) the Oregon Fellowship; (2) the Hatfield Resident Fellowship.  

Beyond your normal internship!

The Oregon and Hatfield Resident Fellowship programs draw from leading universities across the United States. These Fellowship programs have recruited exceptional talent from nearly 50 national-class universities including  Brandeis, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Emory, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, the London School, Michigan, Princeton, Portland State University, Syracuse, the University of California system, and the University of Chicago (to name a few). Our Fellows also come from outstanding institutions in our own region: including Evergreen, Oregon State, University of Oregon, University of Washington, and Willamette.

Best in class, exceptional graduate students!

Our Fellows are bright and well-rounded graduate and post-graduate students, usually with several years of work experience prior to undertaking advanced degree work in fields like public policy, public administration, business administration, public health, social work, information technology, and industrial engineering.

As Fellows, these outstanding men and women are assigned to sponsor organizations spanning various state and local government agencies.  The Fellows typically work on high-level projects that utilize their strong analytical and strategic skills.

Hatfield Resident Fellows

  • For graduate students who have completed their Master or Ph.D. program within the last year -- or who will receive their degree by June 30, 2015
  • 32 hours per week, 32 active work weeks, beginning July 6, 2015

Oregon Fellows

  • For graduate students who are currently enrolled in a Master or Ph.D. program
  • 10-week, summer commitment (variable dates)

Fellowships that stand alone -- or can be done in tandem

The Oregon Fellowship and Hatfield Resident Fellowship are designed to “stand alone” for Sponsors desiring to engage a Fellow to work on a specific project at a specific moment in time.

Yet these two companion Fellowships deliver the best value when Sponsors recognize how well they can work in tandem with each other.  Organizations can deploy one or more Oregon Fellows for an assignment between the Fellows’ first and second years of graduate school.  Those who demonstrate their high potential and organizational fit can then be recruited back for the following year as Hatfield Resident Fellows.

Whether a Sponsor is just becoming familiar with these programs, or has already recognized the synergy in participating in both programs, the Oregon and Hatfield Resident Fellows programs clearly offer a low risk/high impact way for Sponsors to recruit and assess their “Next Generation” employees from a national “talent pool”. The value proposition also works in the other direction, giving Fellows an opportunity to assess the mission and culture of a prospective employer while they establish their qualifications and local network.