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Instructor: Dr. Eric T. (Rick) Mogren

Dr. Mogren completed a 27-year career as an Army engineer officer in June 2001. His final assignment was to serve as the Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff for the Corps of Engineers Northwestern Division headquartered in Portland, Oregon. He provided oversight of the Corps hydropower and salmon recovery programs in the Pacific Northwest and managed relationships between the Corps, regional Indian tribal governments, and other federal agencies. One of the lessons he took away from this experience was that solutions to the complex natural resource policy issues in the Northwest rarely fall within the jurisdiction of any one agency or level of government. Rather, they require a coordinated network of government, non-profit, and private entities working together to craft mutually acceptable plans and actions.

Through his consulting practice, he offers process management and facilitative leadership to multijurisdictional networks engaged in natural resource related issues. In teaching, he integrates experience with academic theory to provide students with practical tools and concepts.