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Great support and care provided to Vietnamese students from PSU

- Vietnam National Television Agency

 The US Department Professional Fellows Program recently made the daily news program in Hai Noi. The clip was a  collaboration between the U.S State Department and the Vietnam National Television Agency to promote the impact of the program.

Click here to view the newstory about CPS at the 19:29 minute mark.

The story focuses on the effort put forth by the professors of Portland State University whose support and care have inspired many of the Vietnamese students to pursue public service work. For many of the students these professors serve as a new image of a "teacher."

The students have been touched by the efforts of the faculty and staff who have spared no effort to create a welcoming and comfortable experience for the close to 15,000 Vietnamese students studying in the U.S. The new cast states, "Their [faculty and staff] kind heart has made many students feel much warmer, while living so far away from home.


Building bridges between Portland State and Vietnam: Exchange
program brings Vietnamese business professionals to PSU

- Portland State Vanguard; MAY. 8, 2013; Ryan Voelker

How far will Portland State reach to promote the value of diversity? PSU recently teamed up with the U.S. State Department to bring Vietnamese and American business professionals together. The two-year initiative, called the Professional Fellows Program, helps make the roughly 7,500 miles between Portland and Vietnam seem a little shorter. Read more...