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Hatfield Resident Fellow Potential Placement Opportunities

Oregon Youth Authority: Human Resources Training Development Plan

Fellow will access, analyze, recommend, and create a comprehensive human resources training/workforce development plan by: 1. Accessing current trainings & consultation available to employees for enhancing and developing interpersonal skills. 2. Prepare an analysis of the current offerings and identify gaps in available trainings, tools, information, resources. 3. Develop recommendations for a future state. 4. Begin to develop trainings, tools, information, resources to fill in the gaps and create an implementation plan.

Oregon Employment Department: Two Opportunities!

Fellows should have project management skills, the ability to work independently, the ablity to communicate at all levels of an organization, be self-directed, possess skills in researching and analyzing information and situations, and a high level of interest working in state government.

Project 1: Fellow should have a high interest in organizational development and/or human capital. The project will focus on bringing a change to the culture and behavior of employees of the Employment Department across all divisions and locations. This Fellow will work closely with our human resource staff, management, and executives.

Project 2: Project will focus on one of the Governor’s high priority intiatives, workforce redesign. This Fellow should have a high interest in policy implementation, the connection between government and business, and in the workforce system. This Fellow will work closely with executives and high level managers.

Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has need in the following areas:

  • Strategic Communication Planning: long and short term visioning
  • Marketing : Strategic research and development and refinement of marketing strategies
  • Program Review of the Specialty Crop program: Analysis of projects that were funded and outcomes. This would help guide the funding of future projects.
  • Program Analysis of Program Service Delivery: Whats working, what needs improvement, etc.