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Governing Agreements

Once final candidates are selected, the artful part of placement begins. Customarily, this process is fairly straightforward -- however, please note that selection for the program does not guarantee placement.

Matching Fellows to Fellowships

Prospective sponsors request the resumes and application materials of one or more Fellows in which they are interested. Phone interviews between the sponsor and the Fellow candidate(s) allow both parties to become better acquainted, to explore potential project(s), establish probable start and end dates, and determine who will be the supervisor of record. The fellowship nears finalization when the sponsor extends an offer and the Fellow accepts it.

Completing the Deal

The steps below must be completed in order to finalize the deal in a timely fashion:

Step 1

The sponsoring agency's Contracting Officer executes an Agreement with Portland State University. This agreement formalizes the responsibilities and protections between PSU, as the provider of the Fellow(s), and the sponsor.

Step 2

The Fellow and the Sponsor will jointly complete a Statement of Work describing project objectives, scope of work, deliverables, and acceptance criteria. This document is used to ensure the Fellow and the Sponsor are in agreement as to what is expected and what will be delivered during the fellowship.

Availability of Agreement and Statement of Work

Email Jillian Girard ( to request the Agreement which includes a template for the Statement of Work.

Turnaround Time for Agreements

These agreements can potentially take up to six weeks to complete. If no material changes are requested to the terms and conditions, then the process works faster. We appreciate your assistance in getting this process started early.