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Field Experience

About the Field Experience

The EMPA's week-long National and International Field Experience course can be an incredibly eye opening experience. We offer both National and International Field Experiences; exact international locations vary year by year.

For the National Field Experience, students have an opportunity to go to Washington D.C. to visit the sources of national policy with live case studies. Over the course of a week, students meet with national agency representatives, members of Congress and their staff, the President's staff, and lobbyists and issue advocates. This personal and up-close approach to learning about the policy process leaves students with a detailed understanding of the way work is accomplished in Washington, DC and gives them insights on how this affects their work back in the Northwest.

For the International Field Experience, previous Cohorts have had opportunities to travel to Lanzhou, China and Seoul, South Korea. In Lanzhou, the students participated in the Government Performance Management and Leadership Conference. The focus of this conference was to engage in the conversation around the creation of new performance measurement and evaluation systems. Other new initiatives include the development of new governance processes and structures as well as new modes of leadership. In Seoul, the students were invited by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the University of Seoul to gain insight into other foreign cities' public administration and public service process, and to experience and understand the heart of Korea’s politics, economy and culture during their stay in Asia’s central city. The purpose of this course is to examine public administration with a comparative perspective, using Seoul Korea as a case example.

2013 Cohort Field Experiences

March, 2014: National Experience - Washington, DC

Agenda: 2014 National Policy Process Program Agenda

October, 2014: International Experience - South Korea and Vietnam 


2012 Cohort Field Experiences

March, 2013: National Experience - Washington, DC

Agenda: 2013 National Policy Process Program Agenda

Photos: 2013 National Policy Process Program Photos / Photos from Students

October, 2013: International Experience - South Korea and Vietnam


Past Field Experiences

2011 Cohort: March, 2012: National Experience - Washington, DC

2011 Cohort: October, 2012: International Experience - South Korea and Vietnam

2010 Cohort: National Experience - Washington, DC

2010 Cohort: International Experience - Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

2009 Cohort: National Experience - Washington, DC

2009 Cohort: International Experience - Seoul, Korea

2008 Cohort: National Experience - Washington, DC

2008 Cohort: International Experience - Lanzhou, China