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Dr. Kathleen Vidoloff

Dr. Vidoloff is the Emergency Risk Communication Officer for Oregon Public Health Division, where she oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of public education and communication related to public health preparedness and response activities. She also provides technical assistance to over 30 local public health jurisdictions regarding public messaging of infectious disease outbreaks, foodborne illness outbreaks, boil water notices, and other public health emergencies.

Before Oregon, she worked as a contractor in the Emergency Risk Communication Branch at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At CDC, she participated in two international emergency activations and one domestic emergency event. During activations, her role was to develop and analyze traditional and social media reports and assist in the development of communication strategy for the response. She also evaluated emergency risk communication messaging and the impact of CDC's messaging on local health authorities through qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Dr. Vidoloff continues to conduct research and evaluation on the use of social media and the impact of organizational behavior on risk messaging. Dr. Vidoloff is also dedicated to teaching, consulting, and mentoring others on risk communication issues. In Oregon she developed an internship program for graduate students to gain experiential learning experiences in emergency communication. She is also an Adjunct Professor of risk communication at the University of Oregon.